Travel e-commerce 200 million cakes who will share

According to the "2010-2011 China Tourism E-Commerce Development Report" recently released by the China Tourism Research Institute, the market size of China's tourism e-commerce (online tourism based on Internet platform) reached 200 billion yuan in 2010. According to the "201[…]

Groupon's stock price plunged by 9% on Monday was l…

Groupon shares Monday chart [TechWeb reported] November 29 news, according to foreign media reports, US Group buy site Groupon Monday's stock price continued to fall, the stock price hovering around 15 US dollars. Groupon's stock price fell by a maximum of 11% on Monday, compared w[…]

EUR/USD rebounds slightly, focusing on German GDP data

On Thursday morning (November 24), the Asian market continued to rebound. The EUR/USD continues to rebound and is currently trading around 1.3375. Affected by the deterioration of the European debt issue yesterday, the euro/dollar fell to a seven-week low of 1.3320. Some investors took pro[…]

Some tips for international business negotiation

Importers and exporters must master negotiation skills in order to succeed. The trade talks are actually a kind of dialogue. In this dialogue, both sides explain their own situations, state their opinions, listen to each other's proposals, make offers, and make counter-proposals. They […]

European chaos, liquidity pressure suppresses gold pric…

On Thursday (November 24) in the Asian market, international spot gold rose slightly and then fell back to maintain fluctuations in a narrow range, currently trading at around 1690 US dollars. The decline in the stock market driven by the euro zone debt crisis prompted investors to sell go[…]

Tu Guangshao: The proportion of real estate contributio…

Tu Guangsha, the standing member of the Shanghai Municipal Committee and deputy mayor, said yesterday that after a series of comprehensive measures have been adjusted, the proportion of real estate contributed by Shanghai's economic growth is decreasing, which is conducive to healthy a[…]

The euro fell for the third consecutive day before the …

On Wednesday (November 16), the euro/dollar Asian market fell sharply again, hitting a fresh low of 1.3431 in nearly seven weeks. Following the Italian auction of bonds, Spain and France are preparing to auction bonds on Thursday (November 17), suggesting that the euro zone debt crisis is[…]