Japan will share trade clearance system with Vietnam

According to a report on July 26 from Japan’s Kyodo News Agency, Japan’s Ministry of Finance announced on the 26th that Japan and Vietnam have basically reached an agreement on the sharing of trade customs systems. Vietnam plans to introduce Japan's "Import and Expor[…]

How Beauty Salon Injects "New Blood"

In recent years, the market for beauty and health has gradually warmed up, and various kinds of beauty establishments have sprung up everywhere. According to statistics, the number of existing beauty institutions in China has exceeded one million, and the number of employees in the industr[…]

Capital Airport Express: Reduce the cost and avoid ligh…

From July 1st, the capital airport's high-speed Tianzhu toll station was adjusted from the 10 yuan to 5 yuan, and the tolls for various types of vehicles were adjusted accordingly. At the same time, the airport moved to Beijing to stop charges and canceled the San Francisco toll statio[…]

How does the rise of e-commerce affect the development …

Looking at the development of the Internet and the rise of e-commerce, the traditional business model has undergone tremendous changes. So as to bring all kinds of business opportunities to the tourism industry. According to Tesco's media network, the travel industry is the most suitab[…]

Consumers want beauty salons to be honest

For a long time, how to let consumers trust beauty salons is a problem that consumers are most concerned about. In the past few days, the reporter interviewed some of the consumers in our district and they published their views on how the beauty salon can achieve true integrity. Whether o[…]

Looking at the 12th Five-Year Plan of Civil Aviation fr…

Looking at the 12th Five-Year Plan of Civil Aviation from the Planning and Positioning of Regional Airport System Source: Civil Aviation Resource Net Author: Ouyang Jie 2011-07-14 12:04:17 I have two sentences ( 1 ) [ professional classification ] airport operation [ Article ID ] 37-2011[…]

Hunan Xiangxi Mengdong River drifting into the peak per…

Today, you can see the hot drifting scene in the Mengdong River: the Hani Palace at the starting point of the drifting, waiting for the tourists on the yacht to have a long queue in order, on the river, the yachts one after another, Yuanwang. .. Today, you can see the hot drifting scene in the M[…]