General import and export process of containers

Container import freight operation procedures mainly include: 1. Transfer of freight documents In the past, mainly from the export port, after the vessel sailed, it sent the freight documents to the import container management department. Now China's major container terminals have beg[…]

China, Russia, Mongolia and the Three Kingdoms Internat…

The 13th China-Russia-Mongolia International Ice and Snow Festival in Manchuria, China opened in Manchuria, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region on the evening of the 25th. The snow and ice cultures of the three countries are reflected in each other, and the scale and artistry are the highest ever. T[…]

Did you change your password today?

This year's Christmas Eve, the programmer Zhang Feng did not rejoice in happy outside, but at home busy with modifying their passwords in the major Web sites, because they use the same password in all sites used in CSDN, CSDN users The code was revealed on 12.21 nights. As a "cybe[…]

The market lacks guidance and GBP/USD trades around 1.5…

On Monday (December 26) in Asian market, GBP/USD oscillated sideways around 1.5600, the price is below the 20-day moving average, and the short-term moving average indicator is bearish. The data released by the UK on Friday showed that the December Hometrack price index month The rate drop[…]

U.S. data overall better than expected, USD/CAD dives f…

Data on Thursday (December 22) showed that US GDP data in the third quarter was slightly lower than expected, but other economic data released during the day were better than expected, plus the New York in early morning the Italian Senate passed the fiscal austerity program, Europe and the[…]

U.S. data overall good, US dollar index fell slightly

On Thursday, the major economic data of the US all contributed to good results. US stocks and earlier European stock indices all closed at a small increase, showing that investors are more concerned with positive market information; the exchange rate of the US dollar against many major cur[…]

UFIDA wins first IDC bank resource management software

According to IDC's latest bank research report from a well-known consulting firm, UF once again obtained the ranking of bank's enterprise resource management software. At this point, UF has been the first in the field for three consecutive years. This is undoubtedly an affirmation […]