The Expo will trigger a travel hot search website to compete for business opportunities

[] The Shanghai World Expo is approaching. According to Zhang Xuebing, assistant to the Shanghai Mayor, there will be 42 foreign self-built pavilions and 18 corporate pavilions, as well as 42 rental pavilions and 11 joint pavilions. ...

[] The Shanghai World Expo is approaching. According to Zhang Xuebing, assistant to the Shanghai Mayor, there will be 42 foreign self-built pavilions and 18 corporate pavilions, as well as 42 rental pavilions and 11 joint pavilions. During the Shanghai World Expo, 70 million visitors from home and abroad will come to visit. The average daily passenger flow is 400,000, the peak number is 600,000, and the extreme peak is 800,000. Among them, the number of tourists with accommodation needs is expected to reach 42 million, equivalent to about 230,000 per day. In the face of business opportunities, online travel websites have launched new initiatives to seize the market.

Expo launches hot trip

With the approach of the World Expo, the price of Shanghai hotels is generally “high.” The price of a five-star hotel in Pudong in April is 1188 yuan per day, and the price in May is 1366 yuan per day.

Economic chain and three-star hotels have the most obvious price increases, with gains of around 20%. The reporter found that the price of the chain hotel during the World Expo was relatively transparent. A chain economy hotel in Pudong South Road has already launched the World Expo reservation room. The price of the standard double room in April was 469 yuan per day, and in May it rose to 639 yuan per day. The price range is quite large.

In order not to have a "temporary hug" situation, many people have to make reservations before arriving in Shanghai. The reporter learned from, since 2010, the booking volume of Shanghai hotels has soared rapidly. The booking amount in January this year was December last year. More than 4 times.

In response to the rising housing prices, the Shanghai World Expo Bureau has come up with various ways to solve these problems, such as through the “Expo people”, “Expo farmhouses”, temporary calls to enterprises and institutions and schools and other social resources to ease, through the Yangtze River Delta Evacuate passengers in the surrounding area, arrange accommodation, etc. to ease.

Where to go to the World Expo

According to Zhang Ze, the vice president of the online travel website that provides travel products such as air tickets, hotels, vacations, etc., according to the hotel search behavior of the current users of, it is expected that the price increase of hotels in Shanghai and its surrounding cities during the Expo period will increase. Between 20% and 30%, economic chain and three-star hotels have the most obvious increase, while the price increase of luxury brand hotels under the high-end international hotel management group is not particularly obvious.

So, how to choose a hotel during the Expo is more cost-effective? You can book hotels during the Expo at a low price. The first is to find a special hotel. Economic chain hotels and star hotel prices are more sensitive to social hotspots. Zhang Ze said that the price increase of some specialty hotels and apartment-style hotels is relatively low, and it is more cost-effective to stay during the Expo. In addition, the “Expo People” and “Expo Farm” launched by the World Expo are also good choices for tourists. Secondly, book the hotel through the hotel through train. Consumers can make direct calls to the hotel to ensure that the room is booked during the Expo and the price is more transparent. Some hotels that are good at using Internet marketing usually open a direct sales platform with Qunar. By eliminating the middle part of the traditional reservation company, the hotel direct selling price is directly provided to consumers, and the price of the place network is lower and more transparent.

For example, on the hotel's through train platform, it covers more than 10,000 hotels of different styles and grades in China. Users can call the hotel directly by calling the free 400 number.

At the same time, consumers can use the opportunity to visit the Expo in Shanghai to enjoy the cities of Suzhou and Hangzhou. currently has 1267 Shanghai hotels and more than 1,200 hotels in Shanghai. Many travel agencies have also launched the Expo Two Cities and Three Cities. If you can't book a hotel in Shanghai, it is a good choice for tourists to live in Kunshan, Suzhou, Hangzhou and Jiaxing.

The Expo will last for 184 days from May 1, 2010 to October 31, 2010. According to a survey, June and September this year will be a relatively low-peak period for visitors to the Shanghai World Expo. Visitors can choose to visit Shanghai at these times. Finally, during the Expo, visitors must book the hotel in advance. In addition, in order to be able to book a hotel, visitors can prepay in advance.

Optimistic tourism vertical search prospects

Ctrip's model has always been to collect commissions from airlines, hotels and other suppliers. The model of is to display all the information of all suppliers through search technology. Users can search and finally book hotels and air tickets through price, service and brand.

Since the fourth quarter of last year, the online hotel review system of has quietly and fully exerted its strength. To this end, not only recruits hotel sleepers for a monthly salary of 10,000 yuan, but also uses UGC to share their texts, videos, photos, etc., and has also reached strategic cooperation with the China Hotel Association to participate in the drafting of the national standard of the hotel industry - "Hotel Industry" Comprehensive evaluation system of service quality.

According to Dai Zheng, vice president of, the hotel review system has covered 40,000 hotels in 485 cities in China, and has nearly 700,000 Chinese hotel reviews, covering all major cities and regions in China.

Some blog posts also wrote that "Where to go, this is also a new, multi-win model for vertical search." The review information brings experience sharing to tourists and business people, and soft supervision of hotel services. Through comments, it can gather popularity, which is conducive to the market expansion and brand exposure of the hotel, and the win-win mode for and consumers. For hotel suppliers, there are great new opportunities. (communication information report)

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