The comprehensive listing of summer tourism products has been increased by one or two percent due to the impact of the Expo and other influences.

The comprehensive listing of summer tourism products has been affected by the Expo and other quotations by one or two percent. [May Point Network] The instant broadcaster Li Baohua reported that the summer tourism products will be fully listed, and the price will be higher than last year. Remember...

Summer travel products are fully listed

The price of the Expo and other influences rose by one or two percent.

[May Point Network] Instant broadcast reporter Li Baohua reported that the summer tourism products are fully listed, and the price will be higher than last year. The reporter learned today from that summer outbound travel products such as Europe, America, Japan, South Korea, Middle East Africa and Taiwan have been fully launched, and the number of bookings has grown rapidly. Due to the influence of the World Expo and other factors, the international ticket position is tight and the price is rising. Many outbound travel quotations will increase by one to 20%, and industry insiders suggest early booking.

According to Tang Yibo, director of travel business of, due to the increase in international passenger flow due to the World Expo, airlines have raised their prices. The cost of outbound travel in summer has increased this year, especially in the Yangtze River Delta cities such as Shanghai, where Japan, South Korea, the United States, and Taiwan are affected by the Expo. The impact is rising from one to two percent. For example, the price of air tickets to Japan increased by more than 50% year-on-year, and the position of the aircraft was tight, which also affected the price of the US tour. The European season is approaching. Due to the huge losses caused by volcanic ash to aviation, the increase in fuel costs and the increase in passenger flow during the Expo period, the ticket price will increase significantly. This summer's European tour also has a price increase of more than 1,000 yuan. According to reports, Hong Kong, Singapore, Maldives and other free travel, team travel quotes will also have a hundred dollars increase.

The reporter found on the Ctrip online website that the summer products have already announced the quotation, and the price of the recent departure has risen. For example, starting from Shanghai, Italy, Switzerland, France on the 10th tour more than 12,000 yuan, the US East Coast + Hawaii 14th team tour about 23,000 yuan Taiwan's roundabout + Alishan 8th pure play group about 6,000 yuan.

According to industry insiders, this year's global economy and tourism are in a recovery phase. Coupled with the Shanghai World Expo's stimulation of tourism, tourism prices are in the process of recovery. The ticket prices of the entire international route have been rising, and the cost of travel for citizens will increase relative to last year. As the summer approaches, quotes are expected to rise. The relevant person also suggested that in the case that the price of the tour is on the rise, the public can prepare the trip early, the earlier the reservation is more favorable and the price is relatively affordable. If you book with a designated credit card, or if you book with more than one person, you can also get special rates, such as starting in Shanghai, brushing the designated card for Taipei + Hong Kong on the 7th tour and reducing the price by 1,000 yuan per piece, and Singapore's free travel will be reduced by 600 yuan per order. For bookings of 4 people, European tours and Hong Kong semi-self-help tours can be reduced by 1,000 yuan. (liberation of cattle network)


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