My opinion on flight delay service work

Civil Aviation Resource Network July 29, 2010 News: In 2010, under the careful deployment of the Civil Aviation Administration of China (Civil Aviation Administration of China), the flight delay management work was grandly launched, and the majority of civil aviation workers actively Dedicated to it, contributing to the safety and punctuality of the flight. As an airport staff member, the author believes that the flight delay management work is a systematic project, which requires the “pointing Jiangshan” of the bureau. It also requires the unified cooperation of airlines, air traffic control, airports and the four major operational entities to protect both the symptoms and the root causes. . One of the important indicators is the passenger's satisfaction with the service work, that is, whether it can provide satisfactory and satisfactory services to passengers when the flight is delayed. Below, we will take the passenger demand as the guide and talk about how to do the service work when the flight is delayed.

Timely informed passenger flight information

When a passenger arrives at the airport for check-in, he finds that the plane he is seated can only arrive a few hours later. This is a very headache. At this time, if the airline can notify the passengers who booked the ticket by phone or SMS, and delay the time of checking the ticket at the check-in counter, it can help the passenger to save a long waiting time and make it more effective in controlling the time. It can effectively divert passengers when the flight is delayed in a large area, avoiding excessive passengers being crowded at the airport.

There is also a case where the check-in procedures have been completed, but for various reasons, such as bad weather at the destination and malfunction of the aircraft machinery, it is delayed to take off. When passengers wait too long in the boarding gate or in the cabin, it is easy to produce anxiety. If they are not promptly diverted, they will complain, but in the case of mass disruption of public order. At this time, if the passenger can be informed of the estimated departure time of the flight in time and accurately, it will be able to quench the thirst and appease the people. At this time, two aspects of work should be done: 1. The flight information release center should promptly release and update the estimated departure time of the flight through the flight display and broadcast. In order to ensure the accuracy of the departure time, the airline, air traffic control, airport and security four major operating entities should form a coordination mechanism to achieve information resource sharing and provide strong support for the flight information release center; 2. Passenger service staff at the flight site The passengers should be informed and communicated reasonably and effectively in conjunction with the published flight information. Of course, this explanation is certainly not as simple as the time when the electronic display is playing. It requires the staff to have a certain knowledge of service psychology, and also has good psychological quality and communication skills, so that it can still be smooth in the face of various passengers. Complete the work task.

Strictly abide by the service commitment and do a good job of passenger comfort

When the departure flight delay is too long, the airline or the ground agent shall strictly abide by the service commitment or fulfill the contents of the ground agency agreement, provide meals and drinking water to the passengers in time, and give special passengers such as frail and physically disabled. More care. When the flight finally decides to cancel, according to the different requirements of the passengers, help them to refund, change tickets, arrange accommodation, collect luggage and so on. In short, if you want the passengers to think and the urgency of the passengers, through the intimate service and reasonable explanation, the passengers can fully understand the civil aviation transportation work. Although the service work is about to end, the last post must be completed.

The above is a suggestion from the passenger's point of view to the flight delay service work. However, the success of service work depends not only on the service providers, but also on the passengers' understanding and compliance. For example, on the occasion of certain flight delays, a small number of passengers are also behaving due to their own quality problems. Violation of the law, this is also a refusal to accept air transport services. Therefore, only when the two parties cooperate and understand each other, the service work can be carried out smoothly. I hope that the author's little ignorance can lead to more jealousy, which will lead to more thinking and suggestions on flight delays, and contribute to the improvement of the operational quality of China's civil aviation and the comprehensive promotion of the strategy of building a civil aviation power.

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