Wuzhen Tour chooses B&B to be careful and be careful that the online description does not match the facts.

[Maidian.com] Wuzhen, Jiaxing, Zhejiang Province is known as the last pillow-water family in Jiangnan. In recent years, the tourism industry has been very popular. Recently, although it was a hot day in July, due to the World Expo, I chose to go to Wu...

[Maidian.com] Wuzhen, Jiaxing, Zhejiang Province is known as the last pillow-water family in Jiangnan. In recent years, the tourism industry has been very popular. Recently, despite the hot days in July, due to the World Expo, tourists who choose to travel to Wuzhen are still in a constant stream. However, tourists should be careful when choosing accommodation. There are many local and local B&Bs in Wuzhen. It is inevitable that there is a mixture of fish and dragons. You can’t believe in online publicity and so-called netizen reviews. Recently, Mr. Joe and his friends stayed in Wuzhen, which is inconsistent with the online description. The bed and breakfast is a fire.

Mr. Qiao, a citizen of Jinan, took advantage of the opportunity to go to Shanghai to see the World Expo on July 24 and went to Wuzhen, a town in the south of the Yangtze River. Because of the Expo, there are a lot of tourists in Wuzhen, and the rooms are relatively difficult to book. Mr. Qiao and his friend chose a hometown called Tongchenglou from a website based on the store description and user comments. Although I have heard that the current commercialization atmosphere of Wuzhen is getting heavier and heavier, Mr. Qiao and his party from the north still feel the beautiful scenery of the small bridges in the ancient town of Jiangnan. However, I did not want to have some entanglements with the residents who lived in the house, but they made them feel awkward, and they also painted an unsatisfactory end to the otherwise uncomfortable trip to Wuzhen.

Half a month before, Mr. Qiao and his friends began to search for various Wuzhen tourism tips on the Internet. The problem of accommodation made them feel a little difficult. They wanted to live in the hotel and experience the feeling of the local pillows. But they also found Wuzhen Homestay. Many, I really don't know how to choose. Later, I found the Tongchenglou Inn on the Internet in an ancient town. It is located opposite the east gate of Wuzhen Xizha Scenic Area. The price is right, and the online description is good. There are lawns in the yard, spacious rooms in the big bed room, free internet access and so on. After I went there, I found that I didn’t see the yard and the lawn. The narrow stairs were on the second floor. They were two rooms, one big and one small, the small room had no windows and no computer, two rooms. There is only a shampoo in the bathroom, no shower gel, no boiled water or mineral water, and no kettle to boil water. Mr. Qiao asked the boss why he didn't have any body wash, but the boss said that he did not. Because he was away from home, Mr. and his friends felt that the conditions were almost the same, so they did not care.

The most interesting thing for Mr. Qiao and his team was that they found a bag left in the inn on the way back from Wuzhen to Jiaxing. The driver of the bus driver helped to contact the next bus of Wuzhen Bus Station, as long as the bag was delivered. Wuzhen bus station, they will help bring to Jiaxing. So Mr. Qiao contacted the owner of Tongchenglou Inn and wanted to ask them to help send the bag to Wuzhen Bus Station. Originally thought it was just a trivial matter, but they never thought it would cost a lot of trouble.

After the phone contacted the inn, the words of the boss and the proprietress suddenly became stiff, saying that the inn was busy with no one, so Mr. Joe returned and took it himself. At that time, Mr. Qiao and his party had already arrived in Jiaxing, and they had to transfer back to Shanghai. Then they took the train back to Jinan on the same day. They went back and forth too late. Mr. Qiao repeatedly asked the innkeeper to help him, but the boss refused to agree. Finally, the bus driver master made an idea, let the innkeeper find a small rental to the station, let him give him the fare, and then bring the bag to Jiaxing, Mr. Joe will return the fare to others, but the innkeeper and the proprietress still Do not give it, claiming that they can't find the car.

Seeing that the car is going to Jiaxing immediately, Mr. Qiao feels that there is no way. There is a car in the car, and there are people from other places who also have local accents. They are helping out ideas. Finally, please ask the driver to help Wuzhen Station. A friend found someone to go to the inn to help with the bag.

Coming back from Wuzhen, Mr. Joe was on fire. Online said that the innkeepers are warm and hospitable, they are just running this point, I did not expect that not only the room description and the facts are different, the accident encountered when leaving, but also defeated Wuzhen.

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