Two-section super long fake fire out of the new trend of outbound tourism

[May Point Network] This year's National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival are only seven days apart. They are dubbed by the netizens as "the most tossing golden week in history", and many citizens will choose to take a vacation before and after the two festivals and enjoy the long vacation...

[May Point Network] This year's National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival are only seven days apart. They are dubbed by the netizens as “the most tossing golden week in history”, and many citizens will choose to take a vacation before and after the two festivals to enjoy a long vacation. A few days ago, the reporter learned from the travel agencies of China South China Travel Service, China International Travel Service, Hainan Airlines Tour, Oriental International Travel Service, etc. This year's Mid-Autumn Festival National Day travel route is rich and colorful, the public can choose.

Super long vacation gives birth to new trends in tourism

According to Long Xinmin, general manager of China South International Tourism Co., this year's Mid-Autumn Festival National Day travel has three major characteristics: First, the long-term holiday has a long line tour and outbound tour. In previous years, the National Day holiday only took 7 days off, so the design of outbound travel and long-distance travel has been very cautious. For example, the European tour generally does not exceed 10 days, but combined with the holiday situation this year, the travel agency can package and launch the 12-16 which is usually difficult to achieve. A long line tour that is even longer. At present, the National Day signings of the various ministries and departments of the China-South China International Travel Service are more than the Golden Week of previous years. Most of the tourists who come to consult are mainly outbound and long-distance travel.

Second, tourism products are more abundant and sufficient. The citizens can choose to travel from mid-September to early October. The time span is very large, and some tourists can be dispersed to avoid too much concentration.

Third, the proportion of holiday travel has increased greatly. Many tourists will choose to take a vacation in a fixed scenic spot. The scenic spots such as Xianning Hot Spring, Jiujiang Hot Spring and Changlong Resort are very popular. This “one-stop tour” will become the highlight of this year’s long vacation. Features.

International and domestic routes are more abundant

The reporter learned from major travel agencies that the Mid-Autumn Festival National Day outbound travel routes have been basically released. Huang Haiyang, manager of China International Travel (Wuhan) Exit Department, introduced the golden season of European tourism around the 11th. The European tour is very popular nowadays. Various travel agencies have developed various European tour routes. The island tour in the outbound tour is also very popular. Suitable for this season, the current island tour routes such as Maldives, Bali and Phuket launched by China Travel are also very popular. At the same time, China Travel also issued the first Mid-Autumn Experience Group this year, from Wuhan to Hong Kong, the entire Cathay Pacific Airways.

Wang Hongwu, general manager of Haihang Music Tour Wuhan and general manager of Hubei Branch of Lucky China Travel, introduced that in addition to the European tour, the travel agency launched a series of Australian tour, Thailand tour, Hong Kong and Macao tour routes also favored by the public.

Zhang Tai, deputy general manager of Hubei Oriental International Travel Service Co., Ltd., said that in terms of domestic tourism, the Expo tour route will still play a leading role. The Expo Bureau will continue to improve the hospital reception work, the travel agency reception will become more and more skilled, and the weather will be suitable, and the cost of the Expo tour will also be reduced. The Expo Tour is bound to be the popular route for National Day this year. Zhongnan International Travel Service also launched a special line of “including the boat under the river – seeing the World Expo tour Jiangnan”, and this week also launched special train routes in Zhangjiajie and Guilin.

Price bullish suggesting peak trips

All travel agencies have said that around September 25 will be the "watershed" of the National Day tourism price this year. After 25 days, due to the general increase in the prices of transportation, accommodation and other services, the prices of various routes will rise, and the increase will be About 30%. However, due to the rich tourism products, there is a lot of room for choice. Some travel communities have carefully designed and adjusted the quotations of some travel boutique routes to be more favorable than usual.

According to Zhang Zong, the director of Dongfang International Travel Service, after careful planning and drastically reducing costs, the travel agency launched “3,986 yuan on the 26th tour of Duola, Japan’s East Coast Tour”, “Wulong’s four-day tour 766 yuan” and “Three Gorges”. Special offer line of 396 yuan for the dam and Gaoxia Pinghu International Resort on the 2nd.

However, the heads of various travel agencies said that the two sections are inevitably beneficial to travellers. Haihang Wang also recommended that Wuhan tourists, short-term travel can be arranged for three days in the Mid-Autumn Festival, not only the price is lower, but also the flow of people is relatively small.

Cost-effective personal service

Zhongnan Guolulong also told reporters that when designing the travel route, Zhongnan International Travel Service first selected mature, verified, safe and reliable scenic spots and routes. When receiving guests, according to the travel agency and the reception capacity of the scenic spot, one line quota The registration will be closed immediately after the expiration of the registration, no more than one person to ensure the quality of the travel of the tourists. In addition, Zhongnan International Travel Service has also developed a close personal service plan. Before the visitors arrive at each station, the travel agency has a special customer service staff to call the receptionist in advance to check whether the reception preparation work is completed. Haihang Wang also introduced that HNA has been working hard to produce high-end, cost-effective products, and constantly improve service standards. At the same time, the reporter also learned that the Oriental International Travel Service has organized a guided tour and team leader to conduct a two-week special training. As early as mid-August, it began planning the second quarter of this year to ensure that tourists can eat and live in the field. Happy. (Chutian Metropolis Daily Zhao Yi)

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