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[May Point Network] "Mother Mom", this combination of two Chinese characters sounds a bit strange, even a bit "non-mainstream." But if you connect "驴妈妈" with tourism, you will be so big...

[May Point Network] "Mother Mom", this combination of two Chinese characters sounds a bit strange, even a bit "non-mainstream." But if you connect "驴妈妈" with tourism, you will suddenly realize that - oh, it is not the mother's intention of a friend!

“驴妈妈” is the first tourism e-commerce website in China that integrates the scenic spot distribution and precise marketing with the integration of QiChuang Tourism Planning Consultant and Ctrip Free Travel magazine.

The name “驴妈妈” reflects its business model: helping self-help travelers, offering them cheap tickets, discounted hotels, affordable dining and useful information. But "cheap" is for tourists, does the scenic spot drink the northwest wind?

Recently, the news of high ticket prices in scenic spots has been quite hot, and the scenic spots that have been accused have their own helplessness. If you reduce the ticket expenses of self-service tourists and at the same time increase the comprehensive income of the scenic spot, is it not perfect? ​​This is the basis for the establishment of the business model of “Mother”.

Can a seemingly perfect business model be foolproof in the market? Is it too fragile to rely on scenic spot tickets to support operations? These questions are answered by Hong Qinghua, the chairman of the International Tourism Management Group and the founder of the “Mother” travel network.

Ctrip is doing a trip, I am traveling

Liu Baohua: There have been some websites that have tried direct sales of travel tickets, but they all ended in disappointment. Why did “Mother Mom” choose this field? Is there a similar successful enterprise abroad?

Hong Qinghua: The success of any business model is the six words of "the right place and the right place." To be a "mother" is also a trend, and the heat is here. First of all, the era of e-commerce is coming, and the online payment industry is mature. In 2009, it was recognized as the integration year of China's e-commerce. Everyone is more willing to pay online. In the past, everyone could not imagine spending money before they went to the scenic spot. Second, the era of FIT is coming. The national network of motor trains and home-owned cars are the basis of self-help travel. In addition, everyone is more and more boring about the team tour "getting on the bus, getting out of the car and peeing, taking pictures", and the self-help travel market is up. Third, of course, the economy has developed, and everyone has money in their pockets.

Ctrip solved the problem of "Brigade", one of the foundations of tourism, but the problem of "Travel" has not been resolved. Ctrip is a business travel customer, but what about the popular self-help tour? Self-driving tour, not booking a ticket, not living in a five-star hotel, what about the tourists who live in the farmhouse? I started to venture into the tourism industry in 2000, planning and designing, so I Know that there is a platform to connect between tourists and scenic spots.

Companies that do similar business have indeed existed in the past few years, and some venture institutions have invested. But I think that when we made the e-commerce of tickets in 2008, it was still a little ahead of the taste.

In 2009, there were 1.9 billion people traveling in China, and most of them were self-guided tourists. About 100 million people were brought out by the travel agency group. Therefore, this is a huge market for “mothers”.

The market is very big. Is it a “mother”? Recently, everyone’s tickets in the scenic spot are too high, and the real scenery is also helpless. The increase in ticket prices is on the one hand to protect the monuments, and most of the scenic spots are only the source of income for tickets. Especially those scenic spots that want to upgrade the tourism industry, they have to spend money on facilities and have not been recognized by the market. The travel agency's team tour is standardized. The hotel is 100 yuan per night, and a meal is 15 yuan. The scenic area can't make money from here, so it is necessary to collect tickets.

Our model can make the scenic spot and tourists win. Visitors come to the scenic spot, in addition to ticket consumption and accommodation, food and entertainment and other consumption. If you come here for a night or two, the tickets don't really matter. Just like the West Lake model, the photo studios and cruise ships around the West Lake have a very good income for one year. The overall tax revenue has gone up, and naturally it does not care about the ticket money.

So why do you want to start with the ticketing service? The first problem is the business model. Making tickets through commissions to make money, the calculation method is straightforward. For example, we recently cooperated with a scenic spot in Shanghai. One day we took four or five hundred passengers. We can provide one or two million yuan in ticket sales in one month.

Of course, ticketing is just my entry point. Everyone knows that Raiders and reviews are an important part of tourism. After that, we will be an e-commerce community that connects scenic spots and self-help tourists. The so-called first product is good, and then the platform is good. But now this is not my point, and different stages focus on different business models!

Liu Baohua: The business model of “Second Mother”, a secondary development tourist attraction, is very clear. But what attracts potential repeat customers to make them sticky users?

Hong Qinghua: “Mother” can bring three great values ​​to self-guided tourists.

The first is affordable. A family of three or four people will have a ticket for about 1,000 yuan in a scenic spot. If you stay in the surrounding area for one night, the ticket can be halved or 20% off, which is very affordable. In addition, tourism is a sales dream. A company CEO, worth billions of dollars, he told me that his wife is addicted to "mother." She should not be short of money, just like most of Taobao's white-collar workers and wealthy people, they just like the fun of Taobao, so is tourism. Saving hundreds of dollars is both affordable and a pleasure. Many people don't understand because they don't understand consumers.

The second is convenience. Many scenic spots in China have to queue up to buy tickets, and we have set up special channels in many scenic spots. For example, in Happy Valley, there is a dedicated channel for “mothers”, which is convenient and stylish with a mobile phone QR code.

The third is service. You can get a lot of information when you make a phone call, and you will get a good product recommendation. In the future, “Mothers” will build a platform to allow visitors to communicate with each other. Sometimes, travel doesn't care where to go, but who to go with. Now we are advocating a ride, which is also a very low-carbon approach.

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