National Tourism Talent Work Information Conference Held in Tianjin

The National Tourism Talent Work Information Conference was held today [May Point Network] October 15th, as one of the important series of activities of the 2010 China Tourism Industry Festival, "National Tourism Talent Work Information Conference"...

National tourism talent work information conference held today

[May Point Network ] On October 15th, as one of the important series of activities of the 2010 China Tourism Industry Festival, the “National Tourism Talent Work Information Conference” was held in Tianjin Meijiang Convention and Exhibition Center. First of all, Chen Xianchun, Director of the Personnel Department of the National Tourism Administration, released the progress of the work of national tourism talents at the meeting; Ji Jinbiao, vice president of Beijing Second Foreign Languages ​​Institute, and Fan Yezheng, associate professor of China Tourism Talents Research Institute, released the development of national tourism talents. Current situation and trend; Yang Weiwu, the five-star alliance secretariat of China Tourism University, released the cooperation and exchange of tourism vocational education; Bai Changhong, Dean of Nankai University Tourism and Service College, and Zou Tongzhan, Dean of Tourism Management College of Beijing Second Foreign Language College, released Master of Tourism Management Degree (MTA) project operation. The following is the details of the meeting:

Chen Xianchun, Director of the Personnel Department of the National Tourism Administration

First of all, Chen Xianchun, Director of the Personnel Department of the National Tourism Administration, introduced the progress of the national tourism talent work. The full text is as follows:

First, the basic situation of tourism talent development

(1) The tourism talent team is booming. During the "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" period, the National Tourism Administration earnestly implemented the "11th Five-Year Plan for Talents in China's Tourism Industry", strengthened overall planning and macro guidance, and the scale of national tourism talents continued to expand. According to the "11th Five-Year Plan for Talents in China's Tourism Industry", the total number of national tourism talents in 2005 was 1.348 million. According to the survey of the China Tourism Talent Development Institute, in 2009, there were 2.72 million college graduates with college education or above, accounting for 20.15% of the total direct employment of the national tourism industry, including 49,000 tourism administrative personnel and 833,000 tourist hotel talents. There are 350,000 people in travel agencies, 710,000 in scenic spots, 12,000 in tourism and shipping companies, and 740,000 in other tourism companies.

(2) The foundation of tourism talent work is further consolidated. During the "11th Five-Year Plan" period, the Party Central Committee and the State Council attached great importance to the work of tourism talents. In 2008, the “Regulations on the Establishment of Institutions and Staffing of the Main Responsibilities of the National Tourism Administration” approved by the State Council added the “Tourism Talent Work” function. In 2009, the “Opinions of the State Council on Accelerating the Development of Tourism Industry” strengthened the construction of the tourism talent team. A clear request was made. In 2010, in the "National Medium- and Long-Term Talent Development Plan (2010-2020)" issued by the Party Central Committee and the State Council, the "enhancement of tourism and other modern service industry personnel training and development" was listed as strengthening national professional and technical personnel for the first time. The main measures for team building. The National Tourism Administration conscientiously implements the requirements of the Party Central Committee and the State Council and the spirit of the National Talent Work Conference, and establishes a talent development department in the Personnel Department of the National Tourism Administration. It undertakes to “develop and organize the implementation of tourism talent planning and guide tourism training. The professional qualification standards and grading standards of practitioners and guide the implementation of the functions, and promote the establishment of China Tourism Association Tourism Education Branch and China Tourism Talent Development Institute to carry out the national tourism talent resources survey statistics pilot work and national tourism industry occupation classification research Focusing on strengthening the research on major strategic issues of tourism talents, and planning tourism talent planning, tourism talent standards, tourism talent base construction, tourism talent market cultivation and tourism talent incentive mechanism as a systematic project to plan and further consolidate tourism talents. The foundation of work has formed a new pattern of tourism talent work.

(3) The tourism education and training system is improving day by day. Actively adapt to the development and changes of the new situation, continue to carry out reform and innovation, adhere to the demand-oriented, implement the need to set the education, and constantly improve the tourism education system. As of 2009, there are 1,733 tourism institutions across the country (including complete tourism institutions and institutions for tourism or tourism), including 852 tourism colleges and universities, 881 tourism secondary vocational schools, and tourism college students. 95.24 million people. At present, there are 11 colleges and universities that recruit doctoral students in tourism management, 90 graduate students in tourism management, and nearly 30 majors (directions) related to tourism, covering doctors, masters, undergraduates, and specialists. Vocational education system at all levels. During the "11th Five-Year Plan" period, China's tourism industry has further improved the four-level training system of the national, provincial, municipal, and municipal tourism departments and tourism enterprises, and promoted the training of various types of tourism talents at all levels. In 2009, the total amount of training in the national tourism industry reached 3,711,100, including 2,560,200 person-times of hotel personnel, 652,200 person-times of travel agencies, 553,100 person-times of tourist attractions (points of interest), 99,100 person-times of tourist and shipping companies, and 3.98 members of tourism administration departments. Ten thousand people and 66,300 other people.

(4) Tourism talent development cooperation will be expanded in depth. The National Tourism Administration has taken the initiative to strengthen coordination and cooperation with relevant departments, do a good job in the integration of key projects in tourism talent planning with the national key talent policy and major talent projects, and strive to solve the policy problems that affect and restrict the development of tourism talents. In September 2010, the Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council approved the establishment of the Master of Tourism Management (MTA) in 56 colleges and universities, the establishment of the National Tourism Management Master's Degree Graduate Teaching Steering Committee and the National Tourism Vocational Education Teaching Steering Committee, and the National Ministry of Education jointly organized the national The Tourism Vocational Education School-Enterprise Cooperation Dialogue will guide the healthy development of 24 tourism vocational education groups across the country. Organize China Tourism Education Exhibition and Tourism Talent Development Cooperation Seminar and China-Russia Tourism Education Forum and other activities, actively explore the establishment of multi-field, multi-level tourism talent development cooperation mechanism, and actively promote the cooperation between schools and schools, school-enterprise cooperation, school-site cooperation, Regional cooperation and international cooperation, since 2009, 42 tourism talent development cooperation agreements have been signed, and tourism talent development cooperation has achieved remarkable results.

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