Agoda invites you to celebrate the "Star Festival" Romantic Lantern Festival in Thailand

[Medical Network] is one of Asia's leading online hotel reservation websites and is part of the internationally renowned online travel company (Nasdaq: PCLN). In Thailand...

[Medical Network] is one of Asia's leading online hotel reservation websites and is part of the internationally renowned online travel company (Nasdaq: PCLN). Among the traditional festivals in Thailand, the most beautiful and most romantic is the Lantern Festival. On the occasion of this year's festival, Agoda has carefully selected some of the special hotels in the main festival areas of Thailand to prepare for the visitors who will go to the Festival of Lights.

The Lantern Festival is the most meaningful festival for Thai folks. On December 15 of the annual Thai calendar, this year's lunar date is November 21st. People from all over Thailand will bring their own hand-made or purchased water lanterns to the riverside, lakeside, and the canal by means of water-discharging lights. To express gratitude to nature. The Lantern Festival is also regarded as a unique "Chinese Valentine's Day" in Thailand. Young men and women will meet with their lover to release water lamps, pray for love forever; or come to the water alone to release water lamps, hoping to get married early.

Agoda President Rob Rosenstein commented: "The arrival of the Lantern Festival also means that Thailand has entered the dry season, and the dry season is the best season to travel to Thailand.

“The Festival of Lights is also the best time to experience traditional Thai culture. At the same time as the special price is set up, hotels around the city will hold a variety of celebrations for visitors to participate in, and join the locals in a festive atmosphere, with water lights, Singing and dancing, and spending a special and memorable holiday. Staying at the hotel on the banks of the Chao Phraya River or in the city center, you can also experience a strong holiday atmosphere. It is a good choice for an unforgettable holiday and a good memory.” Agoda President Rob Rosenstein commented.

The origin of the Thai Lantern Festival has different versions of folklore in the history of Thailand. But it is more based on the first dynasty of Thailand, the Sukhothai dynasty, which began more than 700 years ago. According to legend, there was a noble man named Nano Palmas in the imperial dynasty. He was ingenious and artistically genius. She ingeniously folded the banana leaves into a light boat, inserted flowers and lit candles to express the god of the river Phra. Mae Khongkha's gratitude.

The Lantern Festival has become an important part of the traditional Thai cultural festival. On this day of the year, people from all over Thailand will bring a lotus-shaped light boat folded with banana leaves at night, surrounded by flowers, and with candles and incense in the middle, to the river, the canal, or the lake. light. While releasing the water lanterns, people will express their gratitude to the river god Phra Mae Khongkha, and also pray that they will have good luck in the coming year. As time goes by, people will now cut a section of hair and nails in the water lamp to show their spirits and then gently send their wishes into the water.

The Lantern Festival in Thailand is a romantic festival. Many young men and women are looking for the sweet dream of their other half on this day. The couples agree to release the water lanterns. If the water lamps that enter the water can drift smoothly within their line of sight, then they will love each other for a lifetime.

Most Thais are accustomed to making water lamps themselves. At the water lantern release points, there are also many stalls selling water lamps to sell water lamps to tourists.

Located in Chiang Mai in northern Thailand, the annual Lantern Festival is the most lively and famous, usually lasting three days. After nightfall, thousands of lanterns (khom fai) were simultaneously released into the sky. People believe that as these lanterns gradually fly out of their sights, they will take away their bad luck, leaving a new future and bringing good luck. In Bangkok, the whole city will be immersed in the atmosphere of the celebration of the Lantern Festival. A variety of water lanterns will be released into the Chao Phraya River. After the night, fireworks will be set in all areas of the city to bring the celebration to a climax. Lumphini Park and Queen's Sirikit Park next to Asok Skytrain Station hold the most grand and lively celebrations in Bangkok every year.

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