Hainan welcomes the tourist season, the hotel room is full of hard to find a room

Recently, the Hainan tourism market has ushered in the most prosperous season of the year. Many star-rated hotels in Haikou and Sanya have a difficult situation.

With Christmas and New Year's Day coming, people began to plan to go out and relax and work hard for a year. Hainan's tourism market also ushered in the most "wang" season of the year. Yesterday, the reporter learned in an interview that many star-rated hotels in Haikou and Sanya have a difficult situation.

Many star-rated hotel rooms in the province are full

On December 7th and 8th, the reporter contacted Sanya Coconut Beach Hotel, Haikou Oscar Hotel, Hainan Hotel, Qiongyuan Hotel and other hotels. The front desk staff informed that the rooms were full. Some hotels said that the hotel currently has only suites, double-standard and ordinary rooms have been booked. Mr. Liu, a citizen of Hainan, told reporters that some friends had come to Hainan for a while ago. When they made a reservation for a friend, they contacted a number of hotels. At that time, they felt that the room was difficult to book. "At that time, I contacted many hotels, including Longquan Hotel, and they all told me that there was no room." In the investigation, the reporter found that the price of hotel rooms has also risen.

An insider told reporters that the current Hainan hotel room is indeed tight. "On the one hand, Hainan's tourist season has arrived. Many tourists have chosen to travel at the end of the year in order to avoid the crowds during the New Year. The elderly migratory birds have also begun to fly south. On the other hand, at the end of the year, many conferences like to choose to host in Hainan, which leads to a better The hotel is hard to find a room."

Hainan tour price rose by about 15%

The reporter learned from a number of travel agencies that the popularity of Hong Kong and Macau is the most popular in the route of Christmas outing. According to reports, the current Christmas atmosphere in Hong Kong and Macao, Christmas dolls began to show that many merchants have been replaced with Christmas decorations, the launch of Christmas activities discounts. The Hong Kong Tourism Board's 2010 "Winter Fun Festival" Hong Kong Freedom has started on November 30 and will continue until January 1, when almost all internationally renowned brands in Hong Kong will join the ranks of discounts.

He introduced that during the first and middle months of December, it is a suitable time for Hong Kong and Macao tours. In addition, on Fridays and Saturdays, Hong Kong hotels are more expensive and the rooms are full. The public can avoid registration at this time.

According to the reporter, the current price of Hainan tour has generally increased by about 15%. "If it is a local registration group, the price for three days and two nights is more than 380 yuan, and the price for this month is 430 yuan, up about 15%." The staff of the China Travel Service in Haikou City International Trade Road said. "The prices of foreign groups have also started to rise generally, mainly because the price of air tickets is expensive. Due to the different price increases of air tickets in each city, the price fluctuations of Hainan travels vary from place to place. At present, the tickets for Hainan from all cities are almost 40% off. the above."

Beijing, Shanghai, Hainan, one day, one ticket price

According to the reporters who consulted the ticketing outlets, the prices of air tickets to Hainan in Beijing and Shanghai were generally higher. For example, from Beijing to Haikou, the cheapest ticket discount in recent days was 5.9 percent. "The price has risen by more than 150 yuan a day without watching the ticket." Ms. Wang, a citizen of Haikou, lamented that the current ticket price is one price a day.

Ms. Wang told the reporter, “In the recent period, the price of air tickets has risen and fallen. When it fell, it often fell a few dollars, and it fell in the morning and rose back in the afternoon. This increase will rise by dozens. On the 7th, I went online. View, the ticket from Haikou to Beijing in January suddenly rose by 150 yuan. On the 5th, it was only 851 yuan. When I didn't go online for one day, it suddenly rose to more than 1,000 yuan."

Manager Wang of China Travel Service of Hainan Province said that due to the entry into the tourist season, whether it is the island or the ticket to the island, the increase is relatively large. In addition to the relatively low ticket prices on the holiday day, the trend of ticket prices in recent days is on the rise. (People's Network)

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