Inventory: Top Ten Thematic Activities in 2010 Promoted More Than 100 Million People in Jiangxi

In 2010, Jiangxi traveled hard to build a nest and lead the phoenix, and finally won the results of entering the ranks of “Yiyou”. Here, the inventory of 2010 promoted the top ten themed activities of hundreds of millions of people in Jiangxi. province...

In 2010, Jiangxi traveled hard to build a nest and lead the phoenix, and finally won the results of entering the ranks of “Yiyou”. Here, the inventory of 2010 promoted the top ten themed activities of hundreds of millions of people in Jiangxi.

Provincial People's Congress and CPPCC members inspect the Poyang Lake Eco-tourism Demonstration Zone

——Opening the prelude of “Jinning and Leading Phoenix” in Jiangxi’s tourism hard work in 2010

From January 18th to 20th, 2010, Jiangxi Tourism Bureau organized nearly 20 provincial people's congress representatives and CPPCC members to visit Jiujiang Xingzi and Shangrao Shuyang County. The delegation went to Xingzi County and Xiangyang County successively, and went deep into the scenic spots construction bases such as Donglin Big Buddha, Tianmu Hot Spring, Poyang Lake Huanhu Road, Tourist Wharf, Tianbu Beach and Xingyang County Poyang Lake National Wetland Park. District, Xiangyang County Tourist Service Center, Donghu Park and other places have conducted on-the-spot investigations on major projects in tourism development, overall planning for tourism development, and problems in development and construction. After the inspection, it was agreed that to do a good job in tourism development in Poyang Lake, we must pay attention to the simultaneous development of ecological environment and economic construction. In tourism development, we must prevent destructive development and protect a lake. At the same time, the delegation also stated that in the process of tourism development in Poyang Lake, the overall planning, unified development and unified marketing propaganda should be carried out for the tourism development of Poyang Lake.

Jiangxi top ten excellent tourism news selection, promote the vigorous and healthy development of tourism news reports

——To create a good news environment for the “Jinning and Leading Phoenix” in Jiangxi’s tourism industry in 2010

From the end of February to the beginning of March 2010, the Jiangxi Provincial Tourism Bureau and the Jiangxi Provincial Journalists Association jointly held the 2009 Top Ten Good News Selection Events for Jiangxi Tourism. This is the first excellent tourism news work selection activity held in Jiangxi. The participating works are all reports, related articles and pictures about Jiangxi tourism published on the domestic and foreign media from January 1 to December 31, 2009. The participating projects include news, comments, newsletters, special topics, interviews, pictures, etc. of newspapers and periodicals; broadcast, television news, comments, columns, live broadcasts, special topics, interviews, etc.

In the third year of March 2010, the winners of the 2009 Top Ten Good News Awards, the first prize, the second prize, the third prize, the third prize, and the fourth prize. Name, and also awarded 30 outstanding awards.

Exploring the ecotourism of Poyang Lake and exploring the unique ecotourism resources of Poyang Lake

——Introducing the characteristic route of “building a nest and attracting phoenix” in Jiangxi’s tourism hard work in 2010

From March 28th to April 7th, 2010, we further explored the unique eco-tourism resources of Poyang Lake and further recognized Poyang Lake; we used activities as a carrier to enhance the popularity of Poyang Lake tourism and vigorously promoted Poyang Lake; Coping with the construction of the Poyang Lake Ecological Economic Zone has effectively promoted the tourism development of Poyang Lake. The “Puyang Lake Ecotourism Exploration” activity initiated by the Provincial Tourism Bureau Director Wang Xiaofeng was officially launched in Yangchun in March. A total of 21 members were explored and divided into three vehicles. They departed from Nanchang on March 28, 2009, passing through eight counties including Xinjian, Yongxiu, Gongqingcheng, Xingzi, Hukou, Duchang, Fuyang and Yugan. He has visited nearly 100 scenic spots (points) in more than 50 townships.

The famous mountains in the Poyang Lake area are gathered together. The event did not include the well-known scenic spots familiar to tourists, but focused on excavating the unique tourism resources of Poyang Lake, thus promoting the development of ecotourism in Poyang Lake. According to the findings, smells and feelings of the team members, eight special tourist routes were recommended: the Poyang Lake Migratory Birds Tour, the Poyang Lake Search Tour, the Poyang Lake Leisure Health Tour, the Poyang Lake Science Education Tour, Poyang Lake Wild Fun Camping Tour, Poyang Lake Religious Hajj Tour, Poyang Lake Folk Customs Tour, Poyang Lake Ancient Battlefield Exploratory Tour

The national online media Jiangxi tour, showing the tourism charm resources of Jiangxi with the advanced technology of network media

——Improving the sailing sails of the “Jinning and Leading Phoenix” in Jiangxi’s tourism in 2010

At 14:00 on April 9th, the large-scale gathering activity of "focusing on green Jiangxi? Exploring ecological lakes - the second national network media Jiangxi tour" jointly sponsored by Jiangxi Provincial Tourism Bureau and Jiangxi Daily was in the mountains and waters. The beautiful Xingzi County officially started. More than 40 well-known online media reporters from all over the country gathered in the Poyang Lake Eco-tourism Area and the famous scenic spots in Jiangxi Province to experience the charm of Jiangxi and ecological Jiangxi.

It is understood that in order to conscientiously implement the State Council's "Opinions on Accelerating the Development of Tourism" and the Jiangxi Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government's "Opinions on Accelerating the Construction of a Major Tourism Industry", we will closely monitor the national strategy of the Poyang Lake Ecological Economic Zone and further demonstrate Jiangxi's unique ecological resources promoted the rapid and rapid development of Jiangxi's tourism industry. The Jiangxi Provincial Tourism Bureau and the Jiangxi Daily jointly organized this large-scale event. invited the national online media to interview in Jiangxi, hoping to take advantage of the major online media. Showcasing the charm of Jiangxi tourism to the world in the form of multimedia and all-round reports, singing the Jiangxi tourism brand.

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