Eurail Pass Expands Travel Network

When Bulgaria opened the railway to the holders of the Eurail Global Pass in 2011, Eurail would be more attractive to overseas travelers. This means 50 years...

When Bulgaria opened the railway to the holders of the Eurail Global Pass in 2011, Eurail would be more attractive to overseas travelers. This means that the Global Pass, which has been hailed as the “European Golden Ticket” for 50 years, will give holders unlimited access to the railways of 22 European countries.

Eurail Group GIE is dedicated to the marketing and management of the Eurail Pass range of products. The group also strives to make the various Eurail Pass worthwhile while providing services on behalf of the railways that participate in the Pass products. Ana Dias e Seixas, Marketing Director of Eurail Group GIE commented: “We are very pleased that Bulgarian State Railways BDZ has decided to join the European Rail Pass products. We believe that this new country will be a global destination that hopes to explore the European continent by train. Pass holders bring great benefits."

The published "Bulgaria Tourism Report" (Bulgaria Tourism Report) predicts that this famous "Country of Roses" attracts millions of overseas travelers every year. In April 2009, Bulgaria approved the National Strategy for Sustainable Development of Tourism from 2009 to 2013. The program aims to “enhance the competitiveness of the tourism industry through effective use of natural and human resources”. After opening borders to neighbouring countries, the popularity of Bulgaria and its magnificent coastline has grown steadily. Eurail Group GIE hopes to respond to the appeal of Eastern Europe by expanding the coverage of the Eurail Pass, which encourages environmentally responsible and inexpensive travel.

The Eurail Pass and the Eurail Select Pass remain the core products of the Eurail Group. Compared to the same period last year, sales of the Eurail Select Pass have increased, Benelux (Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg), France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Switzerland still occupy the top five in most popular Select Pass combinations. The status of the name (Top 5).

January to September 2009 January to September 2010

France, Italy and Switzerland 14,856 18,875

France, Italy and Spain 7493 8124

Benelux, France and Germany 7023 7751

France, Germany and Switzerland 4347 5002

Germany, Italy and Switzerland 3493 3809

Dias e Seixas explains: “Europe has many of the world's longest and most advanced high-speed rail lines. France, Spain and Germany are among the top five in the world (Japan has the largest network). We expect to follow Italy, Spain and Finland. The launch of several new high-speed rail development projects will continue, making it easier to travel by train in Europe than before."

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