Write to the future of my own 2011 private travel plan

At the beginning of the year, all localities are anticipating and formulating GDP growth plans and CPI regulation plans. Personally, various work plans, study plans, and travel plans are also on the agenda. One year in the...

At the beginning of the year, all localities are anticipating and formulating GDP growth plans and CPI regulation plans. Personally, various work plans, study plans, and travel plans are also on the agenda. The year is spring, it is an old saying. I have to admit that we are not a more planned person than our parents. Most people who are accustomed to traveling know that a perfect travel plan, as the song sings "everything is ideal, can't be touched."

This does not affect our view of travel as a hypothetical ideal. This ideal is not far from big and small. Whether you are planning to travel around the world, you just want to find a hotel that you can stay in. You can sleep in a house, watch TV, live at home, or whether you are alone. Still with parents, children or lovers.

A popular game recently: write a letter to yourself and send it to yourself many years later. In this smog-filled spring, let us also grab the pen and write a travel plan for ourselves. If you give yourself a vacation time, what kind of journey would you plan for? What is your ideal travel?

This completely personal travel plan is not suitable for tourists to move in. Although it is only suitable for a small part of one or a group of people, it is also practical for the friends who plan to travel. One possibility, this plan is not arrogant, not gorgeous, but a real private travel reference.

In the daytime, the songs must be drunk, and the youth is accompanied by the hometown. It is just one of the ideal travel conditions. In fact, the biggest difficulty in traveling is to make a decision. When you plan your trip and decide on the day of departure, you have overcome the greatest natural enemy of travel.

The parent-child interaction of the 2011 travel plan - the story of Tibet travels to read the earth

In the reincarnation of Tibetan Buddhism, even if he is still studying at the age of 60, he will make a reserve for the next life. The ancient saying "read thousands of books, travel thousands of miles", let the process of travel also means a kind of learning - learning and absorbing the teachings that nature brings us.

According to this understanding, every time you walk, what you see and hear can be a learning opportunity, and such an opportunity must of course take the child together. Share every bitterness in travel, learn common sense of natural ecology, establish concepts that respect natural laws and environmental protection; learn to understand and tolerate, accept different lifestyles and concepts in different places; learn patience and smoothness, and build a broader mind And attitude towards life...

Based on this concept, the destination and form become less important, and what can be heard, seen and learned from it is the parent-child travel, the growth that the child and you have together.

Travel plan

Travel destination: Tibet

If you are like a daughter, you can have a two-month holiday, which is of course perfect. But even if it doesn't work, even if it takes 10 days to come out, the mother and daughter go to Tibet together, which is quite perfect.

Why choose Tibet without choosing another place? I think that for a junior high school student who is in adolescence, is the most rebellious and most needs to guide and release the great energy of adolescence, he is monotonous and boring in the modern urban life. , has already occupied too much of the lives of their young generation. But it is also easy for them to think that this is almost the whole of the world. For a 14-year-old junior high school student, the topic of faith may be too difficult and difficult to understand, and the word devout may be limited to the fanaticism of “chasing stars” and it is extremely easy to confuse the two. Then, what is used to make them have an image of abstract words such as faith, piety, faith, persistence, etc. I want her to look at other people’s practices, and they may be touched, so that they can have a chance to teach. "When everyone talks about their feelings, enter a positive concept."

Although this is not a “functional” activity, it has an immediate effect through a trip, but at least let her see what she sees and hears from her travels, how she feels the world, and what is different from ours. Live, learn the attitudes of others towards life and life.

Feasibility report

Cost: The total budget is around 8,000 yuan, including airfare, accommodation, local transportation, attraction tickets, and small gift purchases. Although the itinerary of the Qinghai-Tibet Railway is also being considered, the total cost is calculated similarly, so it is not suitable for people who are in Tibet for the first time.

Time: 6-10 days

Transportation: The connecting plane, Chongqing or Xi'an transit, according to the ticket price at that time; return can consider ending Lhasa local trip ahead of time, stay in Chongqing or Xi'an for one day, browse the city tour. You can choose to stay for one night or not to stay; Lhasa local attractions do not require a lot of transportation, the basic Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, Barkhor Street, Norbulingka, etc. are all in the old city center, within walking distance. The slightly farther salad and Drepung Monastery have a strong religious color, and you can choose to go or not depending on the situation.

Others: If all conditions (mainly plateau adaptability) are good, you can choose to go to Shannan for 1-2 days to understand "Jiangnan in Tibet". Namco and Yangbajing are determined according to specific physical conditions and play conditions. Transportation and accommodation costs are around 500 yuan. (The above fees are calculated for two people)

Travel time

November-January: Traveling to Tibet in the winter is more appropriate for a parent-child trip that “has a little educational significance” (but maybe she hears that she will slap her nose first). Winter is a season with less tourists in Tibet. Ticket hotels are cheaper than in the peak season, and there are fewer tourists. In addition, Tibetans in Tibetan areas will worship in Lhasa during the winter farming (the pastoral area is also idle). At this time, not only can you see the long-headed crowds, but the dresses of Tibetans in different areas are also very different. It is a good opportunity to get started with folklore. Third, the Lhasa area is dry and warm in winter, day and night. The temperature difference is large, the day is warm and sunny, the night is slightly cool, very comfortable, suitable for emptying to forget homework, test scores and everything in the city, away from ipodtouch, ipad and other things, completely into another "world."

Travel mode

   Self-guided tour, half backpacker's way.

The first step: book a ticket and hotel 1 month in advance, you can choose to live in the inn around Barkhor Street. However, because the off-season price is relatively cheap, you can also choose a local star hotel in the surrounding neighborhood.

The second step: one week before departure, we will start taking appropriate anti-altitude reaction drugs such as Rhodiola.

Step 3: On the day of arrival, start to adapt after staying at the hotel.

Step 4: If the situation is good, the next day will be mainly around the Jokhang Temple and Barkhor Street. Learn about the largest temple of Tibetan Buddhism, understand its source, construction and simple history, and cooperate with the "Wencheng Princess and Fan" in the history book to study the interactions between the ancient history of the Han and Tibetan regions.

Step 5: If the situation is good, you can visit the Potala Palace on the third day. As for the architectural structure of the cloth palace, as a parent, it is necessary to do some homework in advance, in order to give explanation and introduction as a "guide" during the visit.

Step 6: Take a break after lunch on the fourth day and head to the Tibetan garden in Norbulingka. Based on the travel experience of Jiangnan gardens that have been used before, compare and explain the similarities and differences between various cultures. (The more you look at it, the more it seems to be a test of parents. However, in the emerging psychological concept, parent-child relationship is actually an important part of parents looking for any opportunity to teach their values ​​to their children, so if you want To give children a broader vision and outlook on life and values, parents must first talk to him or her on a horizon. Therefore, this is a good opportunity to learn together. For our parent-child relationship, this homework is no matter what. How to harden the scalp also has to do!)

Step 7: Shopping. You can start shopping on the fifth day. There is no famous brand in Barkhor Street. It is a time to teach. When you ask and bargain with small traders, it is the best time to understand and understand this place. This is also a skill that needs to be learned, so that you are good at taking the skills of “do not have to buy all the way home” during your trip!

Step 8: Daze. Since it is a short-selling trip, of course, the choice of one day is completely empty. Let the children also feel the true feeling of “boring and boring”.


1. There is not much clothing to be taken in Lhasa's short-selling trip. It only requires simple winter clothes. A set of thermal underwear, a pair of jeans, a fleece, a jacket is basically enough. In this way, the luggage of the two people, except for thick clothes, toiletries, etc., basically have no other needs. Because it is a short-selling trip, it is best that the computer and all digital audio and video products (except the camera) are basically not equipped, so that even a 30-liter backpack is enough to hold two people's luggage. It’s a relaxing and fun trip to think of it like this!

2, medicines do not have to be prepared, any pharmacy on the streets of Lhasa can buy anti-high anti-drugs such as Rhodiola oral liquid, but people with bad stomach should bring Huoxiang Zhengqi oral liquid, and a hot water bottle, To ensure that you can drink hot water at any time when you are not feeling well.

3, in addition to the self-prepared toiletries, but also with soft bottom slippers; there is no such thing in the hotel, but all in the hotel are "ultra-thin breathable"; bath towels and towels, hotels available, but the inn is not. It is up to you according to the situation.

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