A classic love travel book that you must know: experience hotel affair

What does a trip bring to sex? Of course, it is out of the traditional bedroom to make your sex more full of temperament. Therefore, you need sex travel, not just to play, but to get out of the familiar environment, to the strange world of "the world is only you and me", looking for the legendary male and female love.


Cheating in the hotel

It is a good idea to create more pleasure for sex and to create a hotel affair. The home space may be repressed because of poor sound insulation, and even with the help of other members of the family, it is impossible to show its skills. With him to somewhere in the hotel, experience the pleasure of stealing leisure, you can go together, you can also ask him to go to the field first, to lead a wolf into the room. Free in the hotel!

Erotic movies in a strange theater

Go to an adult theater abroad to watch a midnight movie. There are dark shadows, emotions and atmosphere, surrounded by strange faces, and they are equally eager and eager. The lingering lens of the midnight movie seems to make you restless. So, take the opportunity to attack him in a dark theater. In a foreign land, who can know you? Why not let go of a normal and ladylike style, let yourself completely restore animal nature?

As far as "sex" is on the means of transportation

There will be many surprises when choosing a long-distance train sleeper. Maybe you can't help but feel excited, can't help but creep into the other's bed and warm up in the warm sheets. The slightly swaying carriage will bring a different effect. The whisper is intertwined with the train's “dangling jingle”. Maybe after a melodious whistle, you have reached a climax.

The paradise of sex in the beach

Buying a plane ticket allows you to reach the warm south of the spring in an hour from the coldest south. Say goodbye to the relatives and friends who are familiar with the family, and pull the dearest ones. Is it quite a bit of elopement of comfort and romance?

This morning, it is a good idea to choose a five-star hotel room facing the sea, with his head on his head, looking up at the sea and listening to the sound of the waves. Maybe it’s hard to go to the beach and try a cloud of rain.

The lingering of ice and fire on the rocks

The gentlest spirit touches the strongest steel, and the cold feeling makes sex a memorable experience. Nothing wrong, the rock is very hard, it will make your spirit feel awkward, so it is possible to adopt the outdated style. The most lubricated body and the most sturdy and open rock are not separated from each other. Is it quite a bit of a sense of openness?

Unmanned public open-air castle

You have visited a certain old castle, and there is no one outside, just the endless wind and the wilderness. It seems to be risky, but the more risky the center, the more often it is safe. Lying in the empty and uninhabited playground, the heavens are shackled, the earth is the bed, the open and bare sense, and surely your pride will be vented unscrupulously. (Qilu network)

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