Guizhou Tongren to Shanghai will open passenger trains

Starting from July 1st, you can book your ticket from today. It was learned from the press conference of the Administrative Office of Tongren District of Guizhou. From July 1st, Tongren Railway Station will open Tongren to Shanghai South...

Starting from July 1st, you can book your ticket from today.

Recently, it was learned from the press conference of the Administrative Office of Tongren District of Guizhou that since July 1st, Tongren Railway Station will open passenger trains from Tongren to Shanghai South.

From July 1st, Tongren to Shanghai South passengers can purchase only two tickets to Shanghai South, namely Tongren to Huaihua, Huaihua to Shanghai South. It is worth mentioning that although you need to buy two tickets, you can go directly to Shanghai South without a transfer.

The specific operation plan is: from July 1st, every day at 11:6, K9082 trains will start from Huaihua Station, arrive at Tongren Station at 12:18, stop at Tongren Station for half an hour, 12:58, K9081 To Huaihua, arrive at Huaihua at 14 o'clock in the afternoon, continue to open Huaihua to Shanghai South K1374 train at 14:18, and arrive at Shanghai South Railway Station at 15:55 the next day (ie Huaihua Station-Tongren Station-Huaihua Station-Shanghai South Railway Station). 1894 kilometers, lasted nearly 27 hours. Stop along the way to Mayang, Jishou, Zhangjiajie, Cili, Shimen County, Linyi, Changde, Yiyang, Changsha, Zhuzhou, Pingxiang, Yingtan, Xiangyang East, Shangrao, Yushan, Jinhuaxi, Yiwu, Hangzhou South, Haining, Jiaxing, and finally Arrive at the terminal station Shanghai South Railway Station. The train is a full-line air-conditioned car, the price of Tongren to Huaihua hard seat is 16 yuan, the fare of Tongren to Shanghai South is 229 yuan, the hard sleeper is 388 yuan, the soft sleeper is 605 yuan, Tongren to Hangzhou south seat It is 215 yuan, 362 yuan for hard sleeper, 560 yuan for soft sleeper, 108 yuan for Tongren to Changsha, 338 yuan for hard sleeper, and 266 yuan for soft sleeper. Passengers can book a train ticket from today.

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