Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail expansion "surrounding tour"

The Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway is about to open, and the "fast train slow-moving" type of land-fed flight has become a hot spot for this season. The "early-taste" family, which is mainly based on summer tourists, has warmed up the July travel wave of the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail. ...

The Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway is about to open, and the "fast train slow-moving" type of land-fed flight has become a hot spot for this season. The "early-taste" family, which is mainly based on summer tourists, has warmed up the July travel wave of the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail.

Shandong became the biggest winner, theme tour warming up

A few days ago, the market survey of the Wulingyuan District Tourism Bureau of Zhangjiajie City showed that the Wulingyuan Tourist Area has received more than 120,000 tourists from Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao this year, of which more than half of the Wuhan-Guangzhou high-speed railway transit into the scenic spot. The Wuhan-Guangzhou high-speed railway opened at the end of 2009, along with Wuhan cherry blossoms, Yueyang Dongting Lake, Yellow Crane Tower, Zhangjiajie Phoenix Ancient City, etc., has been a “multiplier” for driving Zhangjiajie for more than a year.

The “multiplier” function that Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail is about to play is more concerned. The Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway will shorten the ground distance between Beijing and Shanghai to less than 5 hours. The whole line runs through Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai and Hebei, Shandong, Anhui and Jiangsu provinces. 24 stations along the way include most of the East China tourist attractions. The city where you are. Wei Bin, director of the Holiday Products Department of Tuniu Travel Network, said that the opening of the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail will promote the resurgence of the already popular tourist market in Beijing, Shanghai and Jiangsu, while the tourism resources of Shandong, Hebei and Anhui provinces. The most profitable, travel products going to the above direction will gradually increase.

Wei Bin told reporters that there is a floating space for high-speed rail fares, and that the policy of the late real-name system has been continuously opened, and most travel agencies have entered the active preparation period from the wait-and-see period. The reporter saw from the cattle tourism network that the high-speed railway line from Shanghai to Shandong has already arrived in the morning line. The destination is Zaozhuang, which has red spots such as Taierzhuang and Weishan Lake. The price in July is about 1,700 yuan, and the double-flying group in this direction Prices are not much different. The related staff of Tuniu said that this group is the starting group of the high-speed rail. Due to the great attention of its red tourism features, it has attracted many tourists to consult and book. In addition, major cities in East China, such as Suzhou, Wuxi, Changzhou and Nanjing along the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway, also have high-speed rail groups with consistent travel.

Wei Bin told reporters: "The Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway is not only a traffic artery that runs through the north and south, but also a 'golden tourist channel' connecting the two economic zones of the Bohai Sea and the Yangtze River Delta. The site along the site covers 9 World Heritage sites. 16 China's outstanding tourist cities. The Shanghai First Mission is the test of the high-speed rail group. At present, we plan to launch a special high-speed rail group from Beijing and Tianjin in North China, which will take into account the existing attractions and new site tourism resources. The existing attractions refer to Jiangsu and Zhejiang. This area of ​​Shanghai mainly increases the high-speed rail experience in transportation mode, and the itinerary changes will not be too big; the new tourism resources are mainly in Shandong and Anhui, among which Shandong is the key point, along the line 'Quancheng' Jinan, 'Dongyue' Taishan The 'Confucius Hometown' Qufu and so on have rich tourism value; the high-speed rail city tourism alliance currently involves 7 cities, and in the future there will definitely be more cities integrated into the big tourist circle, urban style tour, world heritage tour. The theme line of the national culture tour series will show more and more combination."

3-hour metropolitan area expansion, urban “surrounding tour” redefinition

After the opening of the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway, the whole journey can be reached in about 4 hours at the earliest. Beijing and Shanghai can realize the same day and night of the train.

Wei Bin told reporters that the “surrounding tour” we defined in the past is to indicate the route within three days of travel time. The general departure and destination one-way time is about 3~5 hours. Take Shanghai as an example, in Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway. On the line, the farthest city in the surrounding area is basically Nanjing. If Shanghai goes to Jinan by train, sleeper in 2006 should sleep for one night. In 2009, the train needs to sit for half a day. After the opening of the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway, about 3 hours is enough. The three-day route can now be completed on weekends. In addition, after the opening of the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway, the biggest change is the acceleration of the “city-to-city” effect. Shandong is also integrated into the Beijing-Shanghai “one-day tour” tourism circle, authentic roast duck, Shanghai The help dishes can be enjoyed in one day, and truly realize the "one thousand miles of Beijing and Shanghai."

The population along Beijing and Shanghai has a large population and a large passenger flow. The “long-distance short-distance travel” that could not be realized in the past has become possible, and the travel time of tourists has been greatly saved. Relevant calculations show that the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway is completed, and the passengers who transfer from the ordinary railway to the high-speed railway each year will bring time and cost savings of 1.73 billion yuan. Day trips and weekend trips will also be a distinctive feature of tourism along the high-speed rail in the coming period.

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