The proposed Avanti Land in Shufu County, Kashgar, Xinjiang

In recent days, the “Overall Planning for Innovation and Tourism in Avanti Paradise in Kashgar County (2011-2020)” was formally approved by experts, marking that the first large-scale innovative cultural theme park project in Xinjiang has officially surfaced.

"Plan" shows that Avanti Paradise is mainly composed of seven functional areas such as Avanti Pre-function Area, Dream Castle, Silk Sea (Seris Sea), Guangzhou Port, Avanti Square, Daelang Messi Lai Square and other seven functional areas. It mainly constitutes a tourism product system such as “silk road culture, characteristic corridors, water landscapes, infinite joy, and high-end leisure” and is a flourishing corridor for Xinjiang to show the world the Silk Road culture on land.

It is understood that the "Plan" is the first aid project in Shufu County, Kashgar, Xinjiang, which is located in the counterpart of Guangdong. The total duration of the project is expected to be 10 years and it will be implemented in three phases. The overall plan of the project will build a "one axis and one axis". "The district's overall spatial structure integrates ancient and modern Chinese and foreign worlds, and wonderful things in heaven and earth to plan Avanti Paradise, so that Avanti Paradise can be incorporated into the travel and entertainment.

According to Guo Laixi, a researcher and doctoral supervisor of the Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, this project is located in Shufu County, Kashi, Xinjiang, and is only 7 kilometers away from the urban area of ​​Kashgar. It is based on the Kashgar Special Economic Zone and the famous tourism city of Kashgar. To mention culture as the main line and the Silk Road as the carrier, we will strive to build Kashi into an integrated tourist destination that international travelers love.

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