Improve People's Livelihood, Promote Development, and Build a City of Happiness

We must conscientiously study and implement the spirit of General Secretary Hu Jintao's "1 July" important speech to solve the people's livelihood problem, narrow the gap between the "three majors," promote the all-round socio-economic development, and create a city of happiness. The climax of studying the spirit of General Secretary Hu Jintao's "July 1" speech in the city was repeated. How to put the speech of the general secretary into practice, all districts and counties in our city will take active actions to develop the economy and improve people's livelihood so as to improve people's livelihood and promote economic development.

The 33 people’s livelihoods in Suizhong County will benefit the people and the “Speech of General Secretary Hu Jintao’s July 1st” is the political declaration of the Chinese Communist Party facing the future.” Qiang Qiang, Secretary of the Yuzhong District Party Committee, said that the members of the Yuzhong District Party Committee will be armed with the spirit of speech. Inspire morale, and better shoulder mission responsibilities.

“It is the primary political task of our current and future period to unite our thoughts and actions with the spirit of speech and to guide the development of the region.” said Liu Qiang, General Secretary Zhong Yi’s “7.” Speeches are the guideline, condense and lead the entire region, closely follow the “five Chongqing” construction, make every effort to build “Inland Hong Kong” and construct “Happy Xingzhong”.

After determining the direction, rely on what to achieve? Liu Qiang said that during the "12th Five-Year Plan" period, Lieutenant General will use good, sufficient, and lively "Pilots for comprehensive reform of the national service industry", a "national name signboard," building around the "inland open upland," aiming at the knowledge chain and industry. The high-end of the chain and value chain has concentrated on high-end industries, high-end brands and high-end talents. At the same time, “carefully sculpting the city of Jiangshan, the city of quality, and the city of livability are the responsibility of Suizhong as the responsibility of the “old Chongqing film and the new Chongqing living room”.

Liu Qiang said that Lieutenant General will focus on building an image of the international metropolis, insisting that the wisdom of the world be carefully planned, the construction of the global capital will be speeded up, and the forces of all parties involved will be carefully managed to realize the rebornness and transformation of the city.

The general secretary mentioned in his "1 July" speech: "Only if we put the masses on the heart of the masses will the masses put us in our hearts; only when we regard the masses as relatives, the masses will regard us as relatives." Liu Qiang said, Jizhong Adhere to taking the people’s well-being as the starting point and point of departure for development. Focusing on “10 items of people's livelihood” and “three advances and three togethers”, we will focus on and meet the people’s right to know, participate, and supervise, and strive to solve the human emotions and distances of the people’s work. Issues such as sense, trust, and participation, implementation of the “Leader's Community Work Day,” the “Concern for Life” system project, and the construction of four “10-minute Convenience Service Circles” to effectively manage 10 aspects of livelihood and benefit people the masses.

Nan'an District Party Committee Convenes a Seminar on the Spirit of the "July 1st" Speech by General Secretary Hu Jintao. Xia Zeliang, secretary of the Nan'an District Party Committee, said at the meeting that during the learning process, it is necessary to combine the actual integration of the economic, social, and cultural aspects of the South Bank.

“Emphasizing the party building around people’s livelihood and doing a good job of party building and promoting people’s livelihood” means exploring the spirit of the speech of the general secretary and exploring and innovating in the south bank.” Xia Zeliang said that in theory, “the building of the people's livelihood party” adheres to the lifeline of the party’s mass line, We have persisted in doing a good job of party building work centering on the warmth and needs of the masses. The purpose of our party is to seek benefits for the broad masses of the people. Therefore, people's physiology should be the focus of party building work. The important test mark for party building is whether it has promoted the development of people’s livelihood and made the people get more benefits from the people’s livelihood.

Xia Zeliang said that an important carrier for the “building of the people’s livelihood party” in the Nan’an District is to focus on the people’s livelihood and do a good job in realizing the nine-character livelihood projects “live, medical, teaching, sick, weak, trapped, old, women, and small”. When this "nine-character" people's livelihood problem is solved, most people in the Nanan District will enjoy the fruits of the people's livelihood. It will also solve the problem of social justice to a large extent and eliminate some of the social conflicts caused by the poor improvement of the people's livelihood. .

"The General Secretary mentioned in his July 1st speech that the course of the party's development in the past 90 years has taught us that after the political line is established, the cadre is the decisive factor." Xia Zeliang said that through party building and innovation, enhancing the concept of the masses of party members and cadres is the construction of the people's livelihood party. Foundation.

How to enhance the concept of the masses of party members and cadres? Xia Zeliang said: "Caring for the safety and security of the masses is an important symbol for every party member to establish the concept of the masses."

The concern for the safety and security of the people is not an empty phrase. The practical activities of the "Four Ones" party building theme that the South Bank launched earlier this year are real actions. This "four ones" includes the cultivation of a piece of land, a caring thing, a true love, and a true love story.

"If you do not really establish the concept of the masses, these things cannot be done well." Xia Zeliang said that the process of doing these things is also a process of tempering party spirit and enhancing the concept of the masses.

Xia Zeliang believes that the innovation of the “people’s livelihood party building” that focuses on the party’s livelihood and the party’s construction to promote people’s livelihood is also a livelihood practice that narrows the three major gaps. The specific feelings of ordinary people are the most realistic test for narrowing the three major gaps. If the ordinary people do not feel the changes from the nine aspects of “living, medical, teaching, sickness, weakness, poverty, old age, women, and smallness”, even if the statistics look better, the people will not buy it. Reporter Nie Fei relied on Chengdu-Chongqing Expressway to build a regional center city. “If our party members and cadres both regard the people who come to work as their 'grandmothers', all problems will be solved.” Yesterday, Dazu County County Party Secretary Jiang Tao said that General Secretary Hu Jintao’s “1 July” speech highlighted the importance of relying closely on the masses.

"Our party first emphasized that all people should rely on the people, rely on the people, develop for the people, develop and rely on the people, and share the fruits of development." The general secretary once again highlighted this issue and once again emphasized that the relationship between the party and the people is the survival and development of our party. The fundamentals.

Jiang Tao said that Dazu County will rapidly set off an upsurge of learning the spirit of the speech of General Secretary! To achieve "four thorough tastes", that is, to thoroughly understand the theory, to savor history, to be tangible, and to thoroughly understand the masses.

In response to the recent election of Dazu County, it is required that "there must be five prohibitions, 17 inaccuracies, and five ones for the change of work," and a special report meeting on "Strictly Changing the Disciplinary System to Ensure the Uplifting Attitude" will be held. In the process of reelection, it is strictly forbidden to vote for votes, to prohibit the purchase of officials, to prohibit officials from running, and to refrain from running officials; etc.; not to allow representatives to be bribed, not to assault and adjust cadres, not to allow nepotism, and not to obstruct the investigation and handling of violations of disciplinary issues. Wait.

Jiang Tao also emphasized that the solemn change of discipline, the guarantee of a clear-cut atmosphere, the basics at all levels of leading cadres, work in the organization departments and disciplinary inspection organs, and the key lies in party organizations at all levels. Only if everyone participates and is responsible at various levels can a qualified answer be delivered.

"In terms of economic construction, we will rely on the construction of the Chengyuan Expressway and build Dazu into a regional central city of the Chengdu-Chengdu Economic Belt." Jiang Tao said: "Large living standards, unobstructed accessibility, large forests, safe transportation, and health Dazu, as a new task for Dazu, develops concentrated photovoltaic industry, applies modern organization and management methods, and conducts integrated management of logistics links such as transportation, warehousing, loading and unloading, classification, packaging, processing, and distribution. At the same time, we will build a "15-minute cultural service circle" for towns and a "half-hour cultural service circle" for rural areas. Reporter Yang Daobin’s authoritative interview with former vice president of the Central Institute of Socialism: Xiao Xiaoying:

Closely linking with the masses is the foundation for our party to stand invincible. General Secretary Hu Jintao’s important speech on July 1 pointed out that all party comrades must bear in mind that close ties with the masses are our party’s greatest political advantage. Being separated from the masses is the result of our party’s governance. The greatest danger. How can we consolidate our party’s greatest political advantage and avoid the greatest danger of the party’s governance? On the 7th, the reporter interviewed Prof. Xiao Xiaoying, former deputy director of the Central Institute of Socialism.

Reporter: How should we understand the "maximum political advantages" and "greatest danger" proposed in the speech?

Miao Xiaoying: Closely linking with the masses is fundamental to our party's growth from small to large, weak and strong, continuous victory, and always invincible. This kind of political advantage is formed, consolidated and developed in the practice of benefiting the people. It is not inherent and it cannot be done once and for all. In the past, possessing does not mean that you have it now. Now possessing does not mean that you have it forever.

History has repeatedly warned that any political party, no matter how much sacrifice and contribution it has made to the country and its people, will lose its destiny if it loses its people. This is an iron law.

Reporter: Under the new historical conditions, what challenges does the Party face in maintaining its greatest political advantage?

Xiaoying Ying: In the main, it comes from two challenges. The first is the challenge of the party's governing mission. The development of the next ten years will be based on the theme of scientific development and will accelerate the transformation of economic development as the main line of development. From the perspective of the process of industrialization in some countries in the world, after reaching a per capita GDP of 4,000 US dollars, they often enter the bottleneck period and high-risk period of development. Some countries have emerged at this stage with unbalanced economic development, serious environmental pollution, a widening gap between the rich and the poor, the emergence of social conflicts, and rising costs of maintaining stability. China has also begun to emerge.

The second is the challenge of the party’s own construction. In the market economy, all-round opening, and unprecedentedly complex domestic and international environment, party members and cadres of the ruling party face too many temptations and traps. The political system, economic system and social management system as well as the legal system in the initial stage of socialism in our country are still not perfect. There is a certain degree of breeding and spreading of soil conditions, such as power-seeking rent, public rights and personal gain, corruption and bribery, buying officials, selling officials, and arguing for people's interests.

Reporter: In the face of these challenges, how should we maintain and continuously develop the party's greatest political advantage?

Xiao Xiaoying: To successfully meet these two challenges, we must always uphold the Party's purpose of serving the people wholeheartedly. If we do not solve practical problems, engage in formalism, and maintain stability, we will not be stable sooner or later. It is necessary to solve the difficulties of the masses and the practical problems that the people reflect. It is necessary to overcome such unhealthy tendencies as spirit slackness, bureaucracy, and formalism.

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