Reducing profitability in the industry: Consignment distribution system for pharmaceutical logistics companies

Business News Agency July 21th In the face of the ever-shrinking profit space and continuously narrowing operation space, pharmaceutical logistics companies should bravely face up to and correctly select the operating modes that are conducive to economicalization and large-scale industrialization. The entrusted distribution system is currently the most There are three main reasons for effective and wise choices:

1. The new national medical reform policy will limit the function of the business enterprise to the distribution link. With the implementation of the State Council’s “Guiding Opinions on Establishing and Regulating the Basic Drug Purchase Mechanism of the Basic Medical and Health Institutions by the Government,” and the tendering for centralized procurement of pharmaceuticals, the implementation of low-cost express delivery, price-linked pricing, and third-party settlement, etc., on the one hand, The promotion of the business of the business enterprise tends to be logistics, which helps the operating company to be partially liberated from the extremely complex and highly skilled marketing functions. On the other hand, it also results in a decline in the operating income level of the operating company, certain marketing capabilities and resources. Waste, therefore, to a certain extent, determines that the operating company is not worthwhile and does not need to use the purchase and sales model to operate.

2. The industry development plan supports the transformation of the pharmaceutical circulation model into a large-scale professional logistics form. The Outline of the Development Plan for the Pharmaceutical Distribution Industry in the Whole Country (2011-2015) points out that we must form 1 to 3 national large-scale pharmaceutical and commercial groups with annual sales of over 100 billion yuan, and 20 regional pharmaceutical products with annual sales exceeding RMB 10 billion. The second is to require the establishment of a group of national and regional drug logistics parks and distribution centers; the third is to develop third-party pharmaceutical logistics. Pharmaceutical logistics will be the mainstream model for many types of business operations in the future pharmaceutical industry. The nature of logistics determines that it can no longer emphasize the ownership of goods, but only through the realization of the physical flow of drugs to complete business functions.

3. The natural laws of market resource allocation and competition and cooperation force the self-selection of pharmaceutical business. The reform of public hospitals and primary health care systems has led to the allocation of resources for the management companies to the distribution link, and the free choice and competition in the market has led to the unbalanced value operation of the “low-margin, high-input” logistics operations that will inevitably lead to the implementation of logistics distribution. Management companies think for themselves and look for a relatively “lowest cost, reasonable return” business model. Achieving key consensus in the operating industry, in the platform reorganization of the industrial and commercial cooperation, acting as a third-party professional logistics is the most likely outcome.

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