Consumers want beauty salons to be honest

For a long time, how to let consumers trust beauty salons is a problem that consumers are most concerned about. In the past few days, the reporter interviewed some of the consumers in our district and they published their views on how the beauty salon can achieve true integrity.

Whether or not the license is complete is the primary condition for consumers to measure integrity standards. Ms. Hu, who works in a government agency, said that it is indeed a good thing to implement the integrity system in the beauty industry in our district. She hopes that those beauty salons that are unlicensed and unlicensed can perform Completely remedied. The beauty industry must have a sense of self-discipline in order to be honest. The first condition is to eliminate the unlicensed and unlicensed enterprises and those who are harmed. The relevant departments are best to publicize the formal procedures of beauty salons, so that when consumers go to the consumer to know what is a legitimate business, which is a "black shop." At the same time, the beautician may also be able to do the job of holding a certificate and publicize the qualifications of the beautician so that when the consumer chooses a beautician, he will know what professional training the beautician has received and what professional technical titles she has received.

Miss Chen, who works in state-owned units, added that the health certificate of the staff of beauty salons can also be clearly stated, because the health certificates of most beauty salon workers are kept, and few beauty salons express the health certificates of employees. , And consumers have no way of knowing whether their bodies are healthy or not.

Health status and product quality have become the main concerns. During an interview, the reporter found that the health status and product quality of beauty salons and hair salons are one of the topics most concerned by consumers. Ms. Huang, a citizen, said that because she belongs to sensitive skin, she went to a beauty salon and used an unclean towel, quilt, and beauty tools. Her body rash would immediately appear. She was therefore very concerned about the health conditions of the beauty salon. After she hopes that the beauty industry will promote the establishment of an honesty system, the beauty salons should not experience the situation of repeated use of beauty equipment without disinfection. Ms. Chen said that beauty agencies should be honest service, beauty technology, equipment, health and other conditions are the basis of good faith, she hopes that beauty salons can make more efforts in these areas, not always around some beauty concept services.

Regarding the product quality issues that consumers are also concerned about, Ms. Hu said that she hopes that the beauty salons can clearly tell consumers the quality labeling and implementation standards of cosmetics when recommending packages, instead of taking some "three-nothing" products or expired products. For consumers, not to take some homemade products for consumers to experiment.

Hope that the beauty salon can provide invoices for consumption. In the interview, the reporter also found that many consumers are also concerned about whether beauty consumption can provide formal invoices. Ms. Yan told reporters that the beauty salon in our district was promoting the construction of a credit system. She hoped to provide consumers with some guarantees on the basis of good faith. For example, after a beauty salon provided services, it should issue corresponding consumer certificates or service documents to consumers. She said that now the general beauty and hairdressing units will not provide consumers with relevant consumer vouchers. Only when consumers ask for vouchers, the beauty salon will provide them with reluctance. Since the beauty industry should promote integrity construction, it is best to The integrity of one's own side is reflected, so that consumers can rest assured that consumption. Ms. Hu said that due to the long established conventions, beauty salon operators violated the provisions of the more common, but some consumers did not require awareness of the issue and retention of consumer vouchers, due to the lack of rights protection basis, resulting in beauty complaints after the complaint without proof Therefore, whether a beauty salon can provide invoices on its own initiative is also a measure of its integrity.

We do not want beauticians to recommend products as experts, but most consumers are also skeptical about whether or not beauty salons can be honest and honest. Some consumers say that many beauty salons are now pursuing profitability and seldom from the perspective of customers. In particular, beauticians only consider commissioning and blindly recommend products that are very offensive. Ms. Huang said that the beauty salons should start with good faith to start from the internal rectification, especially the beautician blindly recommend cosmetic issues, some beauticians do not customer skin condition, blindly sell expensive products to the guests in order to win more income. She said that she did not like the beautician's blindly introducing the product. The price of skin care products is the best for him regardless of the price. Don't be fooled by its rhetoric. Miss Chen said that the sales staff in each industry must recommend products to customers, but customers have their own judgments and options, and the final purchase right is still in the customer's own hands. If a beauty salon only misleads customers to buy products to make money, this is a sign of dishonesty.

It is hoped that the media will regularly publicize the integrity of the company. Ms. Yan said that self-checking and self-correction within the company is only an inspection method conducted by the company itself. More often it requires the strict supervision of the supervisory department and the correct guidance of the media. And good faith companies are best able to publicize in the media, so that consumers can know which beauty salons do not go, which beauty salons can rest assured that consumption. Ms. Huang hopes that the functional departments can fully exercise their power. If irregularities are found in daily supervision, they must be dealt with more seriously and not be soft-handed. Ms. Hu hopes that the functional departments will develop more integrity and self-discipline. This will not only purify the beauty industry, but also enable the entire industry to develop in a healthy and stable manner.

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