How does the rise of e-commerce affect the development of travel websites?

Looking at the development of the Internet and the rise of e-commerce, the traditional business model has undergone tremendous changes. So as to bring all kinds of business opportunities to the tourism industry. According to Tesco's media network, the travel industry is the most suitable for e-commerce industry. Because he does not have the problems that traditional industries cannot solve well, such as electronic products, food, wood, etc., it is difficult to overcome some difficulties. The website tourism industry does not need to set up its own logistics center and does not need to have products. After-sale service. The current website travel industry is just as grand as that year. Turn the intangible product into a tangible resource, and thus gain the benefits of the website.

It is precisely because of this that China's domestic tourism industry has emerged from the rise, looking at the future trends and international forms of competition, the e-commerce website tourism is a new driving force for the development of China's tourism industry. It is also one of the necessary means of competition in the tourism industry.

According to the most beautiful Chinese records: since the beginning of the new century, the development of travel websites has been a constant and non-stop run. Nowadays, in the search engine search "travel", you can see how valuable this industry is. How much new force. For the tourism industry in recent years, there are many large and small travel websites. Their profitability is even more different. Its perfect content and rich resources have become one of the most powerful ways of competing in this industry.

Here we look at the specific analysis of the profitability of the relevant tourism industry:

one. B2C Travel Website:

Such websites rely on their own advantages and position in the market, occupying more than half of the country. Its main profitability method is: to provide customers with ticket booking and hotel reservation services to obtain intermediate service fees.

two. B2B travel websites:

Such websites rely on the fact that they rely on huge market customers as well as their own reputation to take half of the industry. Its profitability approach is to provide back-office support for its customers, expose itself to various types of keywords, and reach the order model to gain profits.

three. Portal Consulting Travel Website:

This type of website is enough for its own huge amount of information, and the Internet's popularity is bound to dominate the market in the future. Its main profit-making method is to obtain corresponding profit from the unobtrusive flow generated by the strong popularity of its own website.

In general. Website tourism industry has a bright future. Thousands of ways to make profit. And Beijing Tourism as a tourism portal consulting travel website will build the strongest tourism consulting platform in the future. For the majority of people who like outdoor driving tours to provide more perfect services. And get praise from all walks of life.

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