Capital Airport Express: Reduce the cost and avoid light

From July 1st, the capital airport's high-speed Tianzhu toll station was adjusted from the 10 yuan to 5 yuan, and the tolls for various types of vehicles were adjusted accordingly. At the same time, the airport moved to Beijing to stop charges and canceled the San Francisco toll station.

The move “also to retreat” also regards the high-speed measures taken by the airport at the airport, and the general public has given a judgment of “avoiding ignorance and lightness” and believes that it did not make a direct reply to the crux of the problem. Experts interviewed by the reporter believe that this is a move. It is more reasonable to interpret it as "also entering and retreating".

The so-called approach means that it still maintains the fact that the properties and charges of the expressway are still there. It does not respond directly to problems that have already been “clearly clear”; the so-called retreat is due to the “remediation” requirements of multiple ministries and commissions and the general public’s concern about the question. Under the "high pressure", it made a price reduction response that appeared to be "compromising."

According to report, since the completion of the opening of the Capital Airport Expressway in 1993, with the increasing traffic volume, its earnings have long been calculated in billions of yuan, which greatly exceeds the total investment of 1.165 billion yuan initially from transport finance and some bank loans. In addition, since the expressway began to turn into a listed company for 3 years, it has also turned itself into a "business road" from the "government repaying" road.

"The nature of the expressway is to satisfy the rapid transportation and traffic of a large number of passengers and goods, and it has significant public welfare as a necessary infrastructure for the city," said Wu Wen, Dean of Logistics College of Beijing Science and Technology Vocational College, who told reporters from highway construction to operation and maintenance. There is a need for financial guarantees, but when everything is in balance, reducing the profitability of the road itself can bring obvious results.

"The reduction in the cost of transportation will bring about many beneficial logistics effects, but the problem of rising traffic flow from this is also a concern for the transportation sector," but at the same time, Chen Wen believes that the Capital Airport Expressway is a major traffic artery in the city and also has " The significance of the "national gateway to traffic" means that it has a huge impact on the daily transportation of passengers and cargo between the airport and the city.

In addition, Zhai Wen stressed that regardless of advances and retreats, "unreasonable road charges" is a national problem that requires multiple departments to work together to resolve them.

Supervision gap In fact, the issue of unreasonable charges for national highways was clearly put forward as early as 2008 in the National Audit Office's No. 2 “Audit Survey of the Construction, Operation, and Management of Toll Roads in 18 Provinces and Cities”, mainly including illegal charges. Problems such as the non-standard transfer of operating rights of toll highways and other issues.

The Audit Office pointed out that Beijing Capital Airport has a total investment of 1.165 billion yuan, of which bank loans are 765 million yuan. After charging for more than three years, Beijing Municipality re-approved the fees for 30 years in January 1997, and it has charged 3.2 billion yuan by the end of 2005. Yuan, the estimated remaining charge period will also charge 9 billion yuan.

As regards issues concerning the conversion of government repayments into commercial roads and the extension of the charging period, the Auditor emphasized that such problems exist in the Beijing-Tianjin-Tanggu Expressway and the Beijing Jingtong Expressway, and they are characterized as “unreasonable, but Do not violate the law."

Some analysts believe that all of these reflect China's current regulatory overhaul of highway toll collection. As a major source of local government revenue for highway tolls, it urgently requires clear and transparent and reasonable compliance standards to improve supervision.

“Renovation of unreasonable tolls on the expressway is worthy of recognition, but it also requires careful work to promote it.” Professor Ou Guoli of the School of Economics and Management at Beijing Jiaotong University emphasized to reporters that road attributes, charging standards, and age criteria all need to be combined with current realities to make improvements. , and to supplement the long-standing regulatory system gap.

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