Japan will share trade clearance system with Vietnam

According to a report on July 26 from Japan’s Kyodo News Agency, Japan’s Ministry of Finance announced on the 26th that Japan and Vietnam have basically reached an agreement on the sharing of trade customs systems. Vietnam plans to introduce Japan's "Import and Export Harbor Related Information Processing System", which will take about two years to develop specific studies. The Japanese side hopes to promote exports by increasing the efficiency of trade clearance, thus providing support for economic growth.

Japan will provide a 24-hour operation system jointly provided by Vietnam with the government and the people. It handles quarantine, entry and exit management, port management and other trade procedures in a unified manner. It has the advantage of rapid procedures.

Japanese Finance Fellow Yoshihiko Noda said at the press conference that "We think this will make a major contribution to Vietnam's further development and Japan's strengthening of its economic growth."

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