The same freight freight price is ten times

Bao Zhu checked 15 showers and was told to pay 936 yuan. "I figured it out. On average, it costs 62.4 yuan for a piece of goods!" On the 7th, Mr. Shi, who was doing business in Xi'an, was confused: "Debon logistics is a trick in the end?" Mr. Shi went to find The consigner, after bargaining, reduced the other party by 540 yuan.

On the 8th, Mr. Shi took out the same three pieces of goods and sent them to the logistics market located in Sanfu Bay, Xi’an. The destination was Baoji. The method was to pick up the goods after the arrival of the goods. This time, it was 6 yuan. Three out of 18 yuan. Such a large price difference made Mr. Shi wonder: "Is there not a fee standard?"

Debon Logistics received 15 pieces of freight for 936 yuan. Mr. Shi said that he is the distributor of a certain brand of shower in the northwest. On July 2, he consigned 15 items of showers with a length of about one meter, width and height of 40cm to a specialty store in Baoji. Baoji stores were designated to be close to their stores in Debon Logistics. .

"De German logistics personnel sent to take the goods, pull the goods to the driver did not say how much money on the list. Unexpectedly, on the 5th Baoji store came to the phone, said the logistics company to collect 936 yuan when the delivery price." Mr. Shi said. At that time, he was blind, because the cash on delivery, Baoji store refused to pick up.

At 4:30 pm on July 7, the reporter and Mr. Shi came to the “Debon Logistics” sales department at No. 3 Xizi 3rd Road, Yuxiangmen, Xi’an.

The staff of the department printed a detailed list of consignment. The list shows that 396 yuan is the shipping charge for 15 items (including the premium of 8 yuan, the comprehensive service fee of 2 yuan, and the fuel surcharge of 2 yuan). There are 540 yuan for packaging fees, which add up to 936 yuan. "I'm all wrapped up, will I still have a packing fee?" asked Mr. Shi. In this regard, the staff said that if things are not repackaged after the goods are reclaimed, the goods will not be delivered at all.

After bargaining, the sales department finally decided to charge only 396 yuan in shipping charges. Mr. Shi said that for 15 items, the price was calculated, and the shipping cost for a piece of goods was 26.4 yuan. For fear of delaying business, it finally accepted the price.

It is understood that Debon Logistics is a national 5A logistics company and has established 1,422 outlets in 30 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions nationwide.

On the evening of the 8th, the reporter had twice called Debon Logistics' national service hotline in Suzhou, and the staff determined that the billing sales department was under the jurisdiction of Debang Logistics.

The company's asking price is not the lowest 6 yuan on the 8th, Mr. Shi took three of the same goods and went to a freight company in Sanfu Bay to check it in. The destination is also Baoji. The other party needs 6 yuan and 3 out of the 18 dollars. Mr. Shi said that I really did not expect this line of price to be so different.

On July 7th and 8th, the reporter visited dozens of logistics companies outside the Yuxiang Gate of Xi’an and Sanfu Bay. They took three pieces of Mr. Shi’s cargo with the same ones they had checked in before. The destination was also Baoji and found each one. The asking price ranges from ten to twenty, thirty, and fifty. Wherever he went, only a few reporters requested the price list.

Price Bureau: The logistics industry should clearly price the price on the 8th. The reporter called the Xi'an Price Bureau and accepted a price report by a wiring person. “We are not pricing the logistics industry, and we only require prices to be clearly priced by each.” How different are the prices? The phenomenon, the staff said that consumers can only compare goods when they are consigning goods, understand consumption.

Regarding Mr. Shi’s experience, one person in the industry suggested that Mr. Shi could file a bill and complain to the relevant department. As far as he knows, there are currently three functional departments in the logistics industry, namely, the Price Bureau of Xi’an, the Transportation Management Department of the Communications Bureau, and the Transportation Market Administration Office of the Twin Branch of the Administration for Industry and Commerce. All these departments can go to complain.

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