Changsha High-tech Zone introduced more than 100 e-commerce companies

E-commerce as a network of emerging economic activities is entering the fast lane of development. The reporter recently learned that the Ministry of Commerce recently announced the list of 83 e-commerce model companies across the country. There are 4 enterprises in the Hunan Province, and Changsha High-tech Zone Enterprise Yinghuang Business Technology Co., Ltd. is on the list, as well as Happy Shopping and Local Easy. Purchase, steel for the network and other three companies on the list. The announcement of the first batch of national demonstration enterprises marks that China's e-commerce "normalization" process is accelerating.

According to reports, the Ministry of Commerce, in accordance with the "Establishment Criteria for Electronic Commerce Model Enterprises (Trial Implementation)", has carefully reviewed auditing companies from the application materials of 155 companies that have been received, resulting in 83 companies as e-commerce of the Ministry of Commerce. Model enterprises. The move aims to promote the healthy and rapid development of e-commerce, which is conducive to innovative business models, lower business costs, and integrate business resources. It will certainly play a role in improving the consumer environment, expanding consumer channels, expanding consumer scale, stimulating entrepreneurial employment, and adjusting economic structure. Positive and powerful promotion. This time, Yinghuang Business Technology Co., Ltd., which was rated as an e-commerce model enterprise, is the largest golf service operator in China. By tapping its 1872 website, it can book up to 200 cities in China, such as Beijing and Shanghai. Many golf courses.

According to reports, the Changsha High-tech Zone currently has well-known e-commerce brands such as China Mobile E-commerce Base, Tuowei Information, Baixin Mobile Phone Network, Yujiahui, Yunhai Engineering, and Gaoyang Tonglian. Since this year, the financial support system for e-commerce industry development has been further improved. Increased investment in the introduction of e-commerce companies, Wowo Group, Gome Cooper and other national e-commerce companies have also invested in the area, including Wowo Group Chief Sand Company's 2010 sales reached 30 million yuan. Up to now, more than 100 e-commerce companies have been introduced in the region, and it is expected that this year's transaction volume will be 2.5 billion to 3 billion yuan.

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