"The most beautiful Hainan" works unexpected experts are optimistic about the Hainan photography industry

According to the Hainan Daily, “it is not easy to get this group of people together. It is a top-level expert in the domestic photography industry, and even in the international community, it is well-known.” One of the jury members of the “Best in Hainan” photography recruitment event, China News Photography Society Deputy Secretary-General Wu Jinqun said.

So what makes them so engrossed in watching 4297 images one by one, even with fierce debates?

In a small conference room of CFP Vision China in Jiuxianqiao Industrial Zone in Beijing, when Hainan's blue waves, light winds, green hills, green trees, rare animals, old children, old styles, ancient customs, etc... In front of the judges, Zhang Dingge pointed out that these "hits" photographers looked up and waited for a long time. They didn't know where to change postures, and the entire auditorium was silent.

As the review progressed, the scope of choice became smaller and smaller, and it became more and more difficult to choose between. The fierce discussion broke the tranquility; when the final result settled in the climax of the controversy, the moment reverted to tranquility, photography "big names" Suddenly, a sudden burst of warm applause erupted.

“It was completely unexpected and did not expect to have such a wonderful time.” The judges said that the “Best of Hainan” photography selections had brought them at least three major accidents.

One of the surprises was the unexpectedly wonderful collection of works. “In just such a short time, just over 4,000 works will be able to reach the current level,” said Wang Yao, deputy editor-in-chief and director of photography at Xinhua News Agency and vice chairman of the China Photographers Association.

“The organizing committee was still worried about it. It did not occur to the judges that the level of this event was so recognized.” Before the start of the election, Wu Jinqun proposed that the total number of works participated in this review was small, if there were no works that met the gold standard, the The principle of "relying on the lack of abuse" has been left vacant. As soon as the speech just fell, Assistant Editor-in-Chief of the China Daily and Wang Wenyu, Vice Chairman of the China Photographers Association, spoke out immediately: “There is no problem in the level. I think it will be worth reviewing the two gold awards.”

“This photo solicitation campaign is definitely a success. It can be seen from the primaries. There are many good movies among them.” Chen Changfen, a famous art photographer, said that he could collect so many high-level works in a short period of time to show the theme of Hainan. More and more popular with domestic photographers.

The second surprise is the diversity and richness of Hainan's beauty. Judging from all the 58 award-winning works, it basically includes the charms of the southern part of the sea, including the scenery and the depiction of natural resources, as well as the display of urban and cultural landscapes. "Looking at these 58 works together is a very exciting one," commented Chai Jijun, president of CFP Vision China.

The different styles of the judges were also satisfied in the beauty of 58 different kinds of Hainan. Everyone found their own "heart and water" choice.

Chen Changfen specifically "rescued" a piece of the monkey who was about to lose the election. "Hainan is to pay special attention to ecology and it needs such a natural and ecological display," he said. In the face of another performance of Jian Fengling's works, he could not help but lament: "Wonderland!"

Chai Ji-jun was optimistic about his work, “The Circulation,” and his father and son fell asleep under the banyan tree and attracted him. “The picture is very simple and natural. Hainan's natural and pure feeling is very strong. This is Hainan’s attractive inner beauty.”

Through this selection, we can see that the tremendous development potential of Hainan photography is the third surprise. Chai Jijun said that through this selection, he accidentally discovered that Hainan is very suitable for the development of commercial photography and has great potential for the development of commercial photography.

“You see, many of the works collected, including award-winning works, contain elements of commercial photography. This is something I did not expect.” Chai Jijun analyzed that fashion is an important part of the beauty of Hainan, and the fashion element of Hainan is different. More and more, more requests for commercial photography, but also provide a better space for development. He further stated that the construction of Hainan International Tourism Island will inevitably greatly promote the market demand for commercial photography, and Hainan can create an important and unique base for domestic commercial photography.

Chen Changfen exerted his right hand and waved: "If you do photography, you can't go to Hainan."

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