Advertising Alliance: Who Will Inherit Your Group?

Advertising Alliance: Who Will Inherit Your Group? From the time it was heard that the group purchase was a prettier and hot thing, to the present day of group purchase and winter, although it had been heard and heard, it had never imagined what it was like, until more and more news was reported at the same time: a well-known group-purchase station layoffs; a group purchase The net began to reduce advertising expenditures; a large-scale group purchase network revoked the business of third- and fourth-tier cities, and finally got a sense of reality. The winter of group-buying was really approaching gradually.

When we see more public complaints and suggestions on group purchase service technology, product quality, and logistics and distribution, I really realize that the winter of group purchase is not only due to capital financing breaks, but also due to its own quality and vicious competition. E.g:

One: The same product, the vicious competition between different group purchase stations. The reason why it is called group purchase is because people can buy the most affordable products at the lowest price regardless of region. However, since the group buying industry has sprung up and landed overnight, the tide of group purchases and investment advertisements (utilizing the most channels are search engines, portals, advertising alliances, etc.) has also swept the public along with it, and the group buying business has become less popular. Attractive. A product which has a group purchase station, it is bound to divide up the market, group purchase this higher than the B2C profit threshold, and then how much revenue is evenly divided? However, if it is a price war, no matter which player wins the game, the loss will be its own, and the price war cannot become a permanent means of competition. It can neither maintain user loyalty nor meet the customer's increasingly low price demand trend.

Suggested solutions: When purchasing, try not to choose products that are identical to other group purchase stations. You can choose similar products, and the price gap is not so big. This is convenient for consumers to choose while also improving the competitiveness of the site. Of course, nowadays hot products can still be unified procurement.

Two: buy localization. To find a more reliable truth, the reason why group purchase is to expand so many second- and third-tier city districts is to see clearly that localization is one of the trends in the group-buying industry. According to Baidu Data Research Center's ranking of a group purchase product from January to October 2010, food and beverage, leisure and entertainment, and home life products are among the top 3 product types in the group purchase business. More than 80% of these products are local products. Consumer goods, and localized group purchase business, can also be carried out jointly online and offline, attracting more consumers.

Suggested solutions: More online and offline joint sales will not only help establish a good reputation in the minds of consumers, and then promote group sales, but also help to accumulate their own sales experience. At the same time, we will actively develop localized group purchase business.

Three: buy after-sales service and product quality. This is the biggest difficulty for the group buying industry to develop. This is not overcome and everything is a cloud. In the morning I saw a Report accusing the group purchase business of having many defects, especially in the commentary area at the end of the article. We often saw cases where we complained about our company's history of buying blood and tears and complained about industry norms. We appealed for cases of legal restraint. The naked facts can not be avoided. Urgently required the introduction of corresponding laws and regulations, when to regulate, and when to emerge.

Suggested solutions: Improve and perfect the laws and regulations of group purchase industry. Improve access standards and service standards for group buying businesses.

Buying the survival of the fittest is unavoidable. We can only hope that the passionate service and will that the group buys at its inception can be passed down. This is also where the group purchases continue to survive.

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