*** Whether settlement is due to U.S. pressure

Is RMB settlement due to U.S. pressure? According to foreign media reports, as the trust of the US, U.S. dollar, and U.S. debt in governments, businesses, and people in the world continues to drop sharply, the expectations and voices of the countries that trade with China use RMB settlement become higher and higher.

"Renminbi settlement" has become the consensus of many countries. China announced the "Renminbi Settlement Measures" and "Implementation Rules", which also provided guarantees for relevant settlements. It shows that the era of "Renminbi Settlement" has come quietly.

Now countries that hold large amounts of U.S. dollars and U.S. national debt have realized a very cruel reality: the U.S. dollar "can't buy the high-tech U.S. goods it needs," and the U.S. dollars exchanged for the products produced by their respective sweats do not buy themselves. Needed things, such dollars and "waste paper" do not have much difference. These facts show that countries holding US dollars and US Treasuries have been virtually kidnapped by the United States.

Faced with Washington’s monetary policy, the European Union countries united to create the euro. However, because the United States has tried its best to chase after pressure, coupled with its own financial and debt crisis, the development of the euro has been very difficult. In the face of the disappointing performance of the US dollar and the euro, more and more countries have chosen to use RMB for trade settlement in order to reduce a number of exchange rate risks. From this perspective, "RMB settlement" is the result of Washington's forced efforts. Making the renminbi a universal currency in the world and allowing countries that buy Chinese goods to use "RMB settlement" has naturally become a hot topic today.

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