Jiang Qikang: How does the tourism industry "Chinese service"

Jiang Qikang, secretary general of the China Tourism Association, told reporters that "China's service" must be built in theory and grasped in practice. What this forum needs to solve is how to grasp "China service" in practice.

As a kind of experiential tourism, cultural tourism plays an indispensable role in service. In fact, if eating, living, traveling, traveling, purchasing, and entertainment are both convenient and satisfying, it is naturally a pleasure. In order to promote the development of tourism services, in 2010, the new proposition of "China Service" was first proposed by the tourism industry, and called for the first to create "China Service" in the tourism industry. One year later, on the World Tourism Day on September 27th, the second China Service Development Forum, hosted by the China Tourism Association and featuring the theme of “Practicing China's Services and Improving National Happiness”, was held in Xi'an, Shaanxi. Experts from the conference and industry believe that “China Service” should be used as a future national strategy and national brand, expanding from tourism to the entire service industry, and together with “Made in China” constitute the wings of industrial revitalization and China's take-off. According to Wei Xiaoan, director of the Academic Committee of the China Tourism Research Institute, "China Service" is also closely related to a phenomenon that is not popular in China, that is - tipping!

The concept of "China Service" enters the tourism industry

In Xi'an, the ancient capital, Xi'an Jianguo Hotel, which is part of the BTG Group, has specially planned a "Dream Back to Datang" special dinner with a retro meaning in order to meet the travel industry peers and experts. Before the dinner, all the guests had to “traverse” to Datang through a rotunda-shaped lamppost promenade that was less than 10 meters long. After the "crossing", not only did Tang Yun’s stage and band, but also a fairyland where the bridge flows, the flowing water flowing slowly, stepping through the white wooden arch bridge on the “brook”. The mist that was continuously ejected by the machine made it fluttering. “The hotel also prepared a pottery figurine for everyone. Although it is a bit difficult to blow it, it is very Chinese to hold it in the hands and watch the imitation of Tang song and dance performance,” one participant said.

However, the Chinese-style retro style service does not mean that this is the definition of "China service." Du Yili, deputy director of the National Tourism Administration, believes that the biggest irrationality in China's economic structure is that the proportion, level and quality of the service industry are low. Therefore, the tourism industry has proposed to create a "China service", which is precisely the requirement of this urgent reality. “China Service” is based on the “Made in China” with global influence. In the current stage of “China Service”, the scale, level and quality are low. It is an ideal to propose “China Service”. How to achieve ideals in service, advocate and practice "China service", brand, characteristics, market, innovation are key words.

Du Yili said that if the service industry can form a Chinese brand, the brand is expected to be realized in the tourism industry. However, the formation of brands in the tourism industry requires the integration of various resources. From a realistic perspective, China's tourism industry has a gap of five years in the world, but the gap between China's services and the international market is 50 years. With a five-year gap to drive a 50-year gap, the “China Service” brand formation has many difficulties to overcome and the work that needs to be done.

Zhang Lingguang, director of the National Leisure Standardization Technical Committee, pointed out that the core value of the "China Service" concept is to improve China's quality. It represents the first-class service quality and brand with Chinese characteristics, and is an international service form and service model. Therefore, practicing "China's service" must not only face the growing quality demands of the people, but also face increasingly prominent quality problems. To make the "China Service" products leap from the low end to the high end, the key is to improve quality.

How does "China Service" fall?

Jiang Qikang, secretary general of the China Tourism Association, told reporters that "China's service" must be built in theory and grasped in practice. What this forum needs to solve is how to grasp "China service" in practice.

Duan Qiang, chairman of the BTG Group, said that during the more than a year of the proposition of "China Service", he has been trying to gradually transform the abstract concept of "China Service" into a professional operation. One-dimensional, market-competitive service products, that is, how to land. Many of its ideas about "China's services" have already been piloted in hotels under the BTG Group.

Duan Qiang simply summarized the connotation of "China Service" as: international level, local characteristics and value for money. “The highlights and characteristics of 'China Service' are precisely the development and creation of local characteristics. We should regard 'China Service' as the carrier of Chinese unique culture.” He then explained that the value for money is “China Service”. Products should be characterized by custom development, allowing guests to enjoy a special service, that is, using market-oriented professional means to lead.

Yu Chong, director of the Shandong Provincial Tourism Bureau, also believes that “China Service” must study both international standards and regional cultural characteristics. He summarized the practical experience of Shandong tourism as turning the cultural connotation of “Hospitality Shandong” into an emotion for every employee in the tourism industry. The marketing method with "Hospitality Shandong" as the core has also promoted the implementation of such standards and the implementation of emotions. At present, the Shandong Provincial Tourism Bureau will also cooperate with the Shandong Provincial Spiritual Civilization Committee in the service industry department of Shandong to implement the “Hospital Shandong” tourism service standard.

Zeng Chenchao, CEO of Qunar.com, believes that the digital requirement of “China Service” is that it can help consumers access information in a mobile state at any time and any place, so that he can get the most accurate in the fastest time. s answer. He revealed that Qunar.com will provide consumers with access to travel information on any mobile platform in the next five years. This entrance includes not only hotels, but also local scenic spots, consumption, and even consumers who have travel problems. Who to look for complaints, etc., so that the entire tourism industry can achieve the true "China service" faster and better.

"Does the tip is not small, is it a hundred-year plan?"

In addition to the industry's concerns about how to land, this forum also discussed an issue that is closely related to tourists. “Tipping is not small, it can improve the quality of 'China service'.” Wei Xiaoan thrown this idea to the scene from the beginning.

He believes that the development of "China Service" calls for tips. As a method of employee income, although it has not been verified at the beginning of the international community, it is now widespread in many countries in the world. This is a direct incentive for service work, and the improvement of service efficiency and service quality. Security has an important role to play.

“In history, China has had a very high level of service behavior, but there is no service environment. Simply put, it is only the concept of serving people. In fact, there are both the influence of traditional economic theory and the influence of traditional cultural factors. Wei Xiaoan said that "China Service" as a development strategy also needs to start with details such as tips.

“Tipping is a bail-out for service companies, which can reduce costs and ensure quality.” He suggested that at the macro level, it should be the name of the tip, write relevant documents and even regulations, and form government promotion and social encouragement. Guarantee. At the policy level, tipping is an unstable income, and it is a cash income that cannot be regulated and should be tax-free to encourage a spirit of service. Third, in the society, we should publicize, promote, encourage and give tips, and form an atmosphere as an important measure to improve service quality. He asked: "When the Chinese go abroad, a lot of tips have been given, and the new consumption habits of the Chinese people have been cultivated. We regard it as a kind of civilization. Why can we not come back? We should look at it from the perspective of civilization. Tips, build a universal civilization, and enhance 'China's service.' In June this year, Shao Qiwei, director of the National Tourism Administration, revealed in the Wuhan investigation that under the premise of voluntary, the issue of paying domestic tour guide tips is being put on the legislative agenda of the tourism law. However, due to the regulations of the “Guidelines for the Management of Tour Guides” issued earlier, it is not allowed to ask tourists for tips in an express or implied manner. Therefore, to promote the legalization of tips, it is also necessary to solve the problem of unacceptable tourists, unsatisfactory salary system and institutional obstacles. Reality.


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