Tu Guangshao: The proportion of real estate contribution to Shanghai's economic growth is decreasing

Tu Guangsha, the standing member of the Shanghai Municipal Committee and deputy mayor, said yesterday that after a series of comprehensive measures have been adjusted, the proportion of real estate contributed by Shanghai's economic growth is decreasing, which is conducive to healthy and sustainable economic development. In his speech, Tu Guangshao also looked ahead to the establishment of a state-owned bank's headquarters in Shanghai.

Reducing the dependence on the real estate industry shows that Shanghai's GDP growth rate was 8.4% in the first half of 2011, ranking the second lowest in the country. Tu Guangshao said that the economic growth rate of more than 8% is already not low. If it can be maintained for a long time, it shows that the sustainability of economic development is better. Judging from the influencing factors, in addition to Shanghai's relatively high degree of external-oriented economy, and the negative impact of the global economic downturn on Shanghai, such as passive adjustment, the active adjustment of Shanghai's real estate market is also directly related to economic growth.

Tu Guangshao said that in the past, real estate had a strong supporting role in the economic development of Shanghai, but the local economy must not rely too much on real estate for sustainable development. Shanghai has started to accelerate the development of industries other than real estate, structural adjustment of fiscal and taxation, and speeding up the construction of affordable housing to reduce the dependence on real estate. After these comprehensive measures are adjusted, the proportion of real estate contributed by Shanghai's economic growth is decreasing. This is conducive to the sustainability of economic development.

According to Tu Guangshao, head of service financial institution II, who is located in Shanghai, the state-owned large bank proposed to establish a second headquarters in Shanghai. The plan has been reported to the State Council for approval. In addition to the Bank of China preparing the plan, other large financial institutions are being prepared and some are being discussed and studied.

Li Lihui, the president of the Bank of China, said earlier that the bank will transfer related services such as the interbank market, bonds, gold, precious metals, and financial institutions to the headquarters of Shanghai II, and its authority is considered as the head office. In addition, financial institutions including ICBC, Agricultural Bank of China and China Construction Bank may set up their headquarters in Shanghai. As early as the beginning of this year, they have become a focus of attention. However, judging from the reality, large financial institutions set up their headquarters in Shanghai at a moderate pace. Internal staff of the Bank of China has revealed that headquarters will be listed at the end of September this year, but this has not yet become a reality.

Tu Guangshao said that the establishment of the second headquarters in Shanghai by financial institutions also reflects their high degree of integration with the construction of Shanghai's international financial center and its own development goals. The prominent sign of the transformation and development of commercial banks is to increase the development of financial services outside the credit market. Financial institutions set up a second headquarters in Shanghai will be conducive to the development of non-credit businesses.

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