Groupon's stock price plunged by 9% on Monday was less than $10 billion

Groupon shares Monday chart [TechWeb reported] November 29 news, according to foreign media reports, US Group buy site Groupon Monday's stock price continued to fall, the stock price hovering around 15 US dollars. Groupon's stock price fell by a maximum of 11% on Monday, compared with the US stock market's positive impact on retail sales.

Groupon Monday's stock price closed at 15.24 US dollars, down 1.51 US dollars, or 9%, the lowest dropped to 14.85 US dollars. Groupon successfully listed on November 4th, and its income stock price closed at 31.14 US dollars. However, since last week, the stock price has dropped continuously.

BenchmarkCapital Investment Analyst Fred Moran said that he was surprised that the entire US stock market was on Monday rise, especially Internet stocks, and Groupon was falling. FredMoran said that Amazon, eBay, and Google's share prices have risen due to the strong news of Black Friday sales. It stands to reason that Groupon represented the beneficiary of this strong trend, but it fell in a contrarian direction.

A Groupon spokesman did not comment immediately.

Fred Moran believes that Groupon's stock price continues to fall, which may mean that investors are not willing to support Groupon's stock. At $20 per share, Groupon’s market value is about $13 billion. Below $ 15.50 per share, Groupon's market value will be less than $ 10 billion.

However, Fred Moran still gives Groupon shares a "buy" rating with a target price of $32. He said that I have no reason to change our financial expectations. It is too early for Groupon to decide. (Amy) (Editor: Zhang Caocao)

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