China, Russia, Mongolia and the Three Kingdoms International International Snow Festival compete for the most beautiful laurel wreath

The 13th China-Russia-Mongolia International Ice and Snow Festival in Manchuria, China opened in Manchuria, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region on the evening of the 25th. The snow and ice cultures of the three countries are reflected in each other, and the scale and artistry are the highest ever.

This year's Ice and Snow Festival takes the theme of "Snow ice soul - Manchuria" as the theme, highlighting the snow art styles of China, Russia, and Mongolia, and only 276 ice sculptures and snow sculptures in the theme park.

In order to highlight regional features, the iconic large-scale ice and snow sculptures in Russia's post-Baikal Territory and Mongolia’s Eastern Province have been produced in the main activity area of ​​the Ice and Snow Festival, allowing tourists and citizens to learn more about the cultural characteristics of the adjacent areas. The group of snow sculptures with Snow White and other stories as backgrounds creates a pure and peaceful world of fairy tales. Many tourists are quietly among them, and they are reluctant to leave for a long time.

As the finale of the Manzhouli International Ice and Snow Festival in recent years, the China-Russia-Mongol-British beauty pageant also entered the final stage on the evening of the opening of the ice and snow festival. The 40 beauties will show the most beautiful style in the last two days and compete for the "Snow White" crown.

In addition, outdoor activities and ice and snow sports are also two important elements of the current Ice and Snow Festival. In addition to organizing tourists to participate in the prestigious Hulun Lake winter catch, the organizers also held a number of featured sports events such as the China-Russia youth ice hockey match and the ice fun competition to promote ice-snow sports, promote the exchange of youth between China and Russia, and promote friendship in adjacent areas. .

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